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(6) : From Rush To Hush: I have been travelling so much in the past month that my nap today included a travel anxiety dream where I accidentally got on a plane back home in the middle of a conference and then had to consult Richard Feynman for help getting back.

Back from Oregon and Israel (CLS, OSCON, and Wikimania). Getting used to the look of Leonard's face again. I'm almost over the hours of search and interrogation El Al put me through before they'd let me onto airplanes.

From this week's Wikipedia Signpost, one editor writes: "Currently I am drafting the article on modes of carry for firearms, although I may not get around to finishing it for a while. That's OK -- Wikipedia is forever. We've got time." An outlook for the Long Now, and one I am trying to remember.

(1) : The Touch of a Vanished Hand: Before going to Wikimania, I printed out a bunch of stuff: my registration confirmation email, an FAQ about the conference, a list of other colleagues who were attending, my flight itinerary, and so on. I used a binder clip to keep it together. The last time I looked at it was probably Monday, a few days before I flew back to New York.

Just now, I unearthed it from my bag as I finished the last of my unpacking. I tried to flip through it, but something was wrong. Then I realized: when searching through my belongings at the Tel Aviv airport, Israeli personnel must have taken the clip off the papers, then put it back on the right. Probably because they're used to Hebrew texts, which one reads from right to left.

There must be some academic somewhere who can help me understand, cerebrally, why the narrative of surveillance feels so much like a ghost story. They both make me feel like prey.

: Friends Who Make Things: Leonard's been just amazingly interesting lately. He's analyzing board game catalogs, movie reviews, and cooler ways to mash up and generate text.

Our pal Beth Lerman has a painting blog. Want to see Princess Leia in a tarot card? You got it.

I have a lot of friends who make things. In fact, I think a habit of making things is one of the most appealing qualities my friends share. Sometimes, when I'm tired, it's intimidating. Sometimes it's exhilarating and inspiring. Thank you, friends.

(2) : Don't Worry About Me: Leonard and I are not in a hurricane evacuation zone. Our apartment is not on a basement or first floor so we're not at risk of flooding. We're preparing sensibly in case Hurricane Irene knocks out our power; our internet may go away but we'll be fine.

I was going to be visiting San Francisco for work this coming week, but the hurricane cancelled my originally booked flight and forced a change of plans; I'll now be there September 4th-9th.

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: We're Fine: My household had no hurricane-related problems. Electricity, natural gas, water, mobile phone, and internet service continued without interruption. We're very lucky that Hurricane Irene did not substantially affect us. (And that we're well-off enough to have a two-bedroom apartment, to reduce cabin fever.)

The job is pretty time- and energy-consuming. I'm helping organize some Wikimedia/MediaWiki developers' days in New Orleans, 14-16 October, and helping with or leading a variety of other initiatives. Hope you're doing well. Back to email. Listening to Barcelona.


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