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http://www.ponoko.com/: We Extrude Your Object

The Game Crafter - Your game REALIZED - Home: I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that a new day is dawning.

Ponoko: "Mallory" to be obsolete before it's published

Main Page - Fab @ Home: I'll fab you at home! (This is the ultimate del.icio.us description formula, and it never gets old! Never, I tell you!)

SketchUp - 3D Warehouse: The coolest part of Sketchup

eMachineShop - Online Machine Shop - with FREE CAD Software: Aw shit again (the upside is that this is very good news for the real world!)

LEGO Shop At Home: Aw shit

iFabricate.com: Apparently sculpting instead of printing is the big hot thing

How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7 Days: Is this a joke?

Pad2Pad - Free PCB design software - Printed circuit boards manufacturing & PCB assembly: Events are rapidly overtaking my ability to write my story about the cutting edge

CBA Fab Server: fab, baby!

Home Page - VersaLaser: 10k; hurry and write your damn story

USATODAY.com - Web site builds on users' bright ideas: $143 for ten sandblasted copper doorknobs

ACM Queue - The Magic of RFID - Just how do those little things work anyway?: Ach, the wee buggers got into ma still!

Wired News: Ghana Gets a Fab Lab: Worldwide deployment

Euro Foo Camp: Simon Wardley - 3D Printing (Phil Gyford: Notes): "half-remembered story about a wood lathe which you weren’t allowed to make another wood lathing machine with"

BoingBoing: Bruce Sterling SIGGRAPH 2004 speech "When Blobjects Rule the Earth": 1/4 of the way in I see where he's going with this (I think)

Foams on the Cutting Edge : This and the last one from Viridian

SensAble Technologies – : Haptic interface

IHT: Computer carves a chip off the old block: Of *course* the things we value now will still be valued when doing without them will cost three orders of magnitude less.

Home Page - VersaLaser: Consumer-level (barely) 3D printer is here.


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