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Connected Histories project plan: "All code and technical developments generated by the project will be available as an Open Source, and governed by a Creative Commons Licence." Also, source control referred to in one place as CVS and in another as Subversion

http://www.nyredcross.org/page.php/prmID/71: Per Making Light encouragements, I should take a first aid class

http://alumni.berkeley.edu/Students/Mentorship/main.asp?AddInterest=1085: to consider volunteering

Blue book essays and the Martha Complex: on time management, test-taking, and letting go of perfectionism at Hugo Schwyzer: I am so lucky that I learned early in high school to spend a full quarter or third of my timed essay periods on prewriting/outlining. And always allot 5 min at the end for QA! A missing "not" can be quite embarrassing.


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