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Bitch Ph.D.: Pseudonymous Kid notices women's magazines: THANK GOD some parents are talking to their kids about the beauty industry.

Trent Stamp's Take: Are Small Charities Small for a Reason?: Include us in your directory! Wait, you want to ask us how we spend donated money? Uhhh......

National Film Preservation Foundation - The Field Guide to Sponsored Films: Rick Prelinger's book

Fix your mom's computer for mother's day - Joel on Software: Fog Creek Copilot (for Mac OS X and Windows) free on Sunday - save time with desktop sharing, kill spyware, back up files, install Firefox

YouTube - the meth song: evidently taken off the air for being too pro-meth

The Arcade Flyer Archive - News: I love that band!

the girl with violets in her lap - : the tech gap between generations: "on boston.com, the news stories still don't know why these [things] were posted or by whom, while all the people on the message boards know exactly what's going on"

murketing » Blog Archive » Prada ideas: I know more about the intellectual side of fashion from Slate and Project Runway than anywhere else

1963 - The Ads - Classic Comic Book Ads - indevelopment.org: Did I bruise these already? They're hilarious

Errol Morris: Election '04: I need to find out why political commercials have official, very short names. Is this true of all commercials?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OK_Soda: Whew, I wasn't making this up. And looking back, everyone reacted just as they were supposed to (including the authors of that entry, and probably me)

Futurismic: Fiction: I feel like that a lot of the time, though hopefully I am not psychotic. (Also, I like the idea of Stack-like AIs calling you "boss", though these AIs are un-Stack-like in their sycophancy).

Ad-Eliminator - Free Download: Give away the beard, sell the razor

Liti Holographics - 3D holograms for a 3D world: Kris wants me to look at this, so I will


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