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On fathers and daughters and illusions and strength: "... It is full of wonders, even though they are illusory, sometimes because of that...." one of many awesome sentences from this thoughtful essay

The Second Step: HOWTO encourage open source work at for-profits - Open Source Bridge attendee wiki 2010: one thing to add: themes of "you should be doing this anyway"

Report From Staringintospacecon 2004: Seth's advice: be frank, gossip, use clear and specific examples, tell an interesting narrative.

Why I don’t like “Non-Commercial” licenses « Nina Paley’s Blog: to consider

Saturday's walk: while listening to Moxy Fruvous's "you can't be too careful."

Susan Senator: Susan's Blog: Suffering From Dimension: on liminality, going through an experience and making it 3D

http://www.timwu.org/log/archives/313: how many of the things you do are, in fact, exactly this category?

~stevenf: Aerophobe: Archived copy of Steven Frank on overcoming phobia

Making Light: Gnomic Verses: check out der Plotkin


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