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reccr: Welcome : Still not convinced this is useful!

Infon Battle Arena - A Programming Game: In most of these games you program robots, but in this one it's bugs.

genetic-programming.com-Home-Page: Awesome. "Most computer scientists unquestioningly assume that any effective problem-solving process must be logically sound and deterministic." Yeah, if it's the 1960s.

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome: This is what happens when I don't write my stories in time.

Arimaa - The game of real intelligence: Moving The Goalpoasts: The Home Game

Torch3: The Dream Comes True: Speech *and* machine learning?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_robot: I thought I'd made this term up

AIMA Python Code: Part of AI book

Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project: Long Record : McCarthyism at its worst (strip jsessionID from PDF URL)

Project AXIS: ai-based strategy game

A Programmer's Guide to the Mind: Too lazy to actually see if this is any good; defer to later

Elephant 2000: A Programming Language Based on Speech Acts: This is freaky.

OpenMind Commonsense: Distributed cyc

Art: Martin Wattenberg: OK, I'm convinced, this guy is good.

Futurismic: Fiction: I feel like that a lot of the time, though hopefully I am not psychotic. (Also, I like the idea of Stack-like AIs calling you "boss", though these AIs are un-Stack-like in their sycophancy).

Semantics at ISI - VerbOcean: Drowning in the VerbOcean

SHYSTER: A legal expert system

ConceptNet: Not going to gain sentience but could be very useful the way FRELI is useful for DBD

Dynamic ontologies: how to build agents that can change their mind: Oh, it would be fun to attack such a system.

Searle's Chinese Box: Did I read this already? It seems familiar. Maybe I just saw all the words and parsed them without understanding the semantics! Ha!

Robert Kowalski: Logic For Problem Solving

Boing Boing: SHREK@HOME: blue-sky proposal for the future of film production: Crap, they're perilously close to coming up with the technology used to create 'looky looky'.


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