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http://blog.build.kiva.org/2009/02/03/introducing-the-kiva-api/: Read-only, but cool

Google Static Maps API - Google Code: It's almost like... a set of resources!

compfight / a flickr™ search tool: A better search

APIs at BookMooch: Useful!

recipe-examples - Microformats: I really should impose my opinion on these people

Simple Analysis of Google Map and Satellite Tiles - An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki: I need to fix Dada Maps

ProgrammableWeb: API Dashboard: I can't say enough good things about this site. Especially since I'm getting my vocabulary from a web service that charges me by the word.

ASPN : Python Cookbook : BitTorrent Launch with Input/Output: BitTorrent is fun to hack. If only everything were written in these wonder-languages.

Delicious Soup - A tool that reveals your del.icio.us activities...: THE CRAWLING EYE

43 Things Web Service API on 43 Things: 43 footsteps leading to the room where the paint don't wanna dry

Via Virtual Earth - Homepage : A-three

Documentation for Yahoo! Maps Web Services: A-two

Google Maps API: A-one

eBay Developers Program: Announcing Changes to the Individual Tier License: Hot damn, I can do my thing now

PatentMojo - Keeping an eye on your industry.: V. nice

tasktoy: Give this a try or something like it

Term Extraction Documentation for Yahoo! Search Web Services: What's going on here?

Cursed GTK: It comes with a terrible curse! It's GTK!

ReportLab - Open Source Software: Works really well once you figure it out

O'Reilly Network: Hacking Books with Safari Web Services: They're like mushrooms

Yahoo! Search Web Services: Doing what I've been wanting GWS to do for forever (images, news, etc.)

Bloglines | Bloglines Services: look into this

api.creativecommons.org: Just in case

WebserviceX.NET :: XML Web Services solution provider: the rest version

http://www.w3.org/2001/12/soap-encoding: is this the soap rosetta stone?

shorlify « shorl.com: shorn

Dungeon Generator: I know I bookmarked this already, but what the heck

The Generator Blog: does what it says

URLinfo beta || Fagan Finder: collect them all

randomized PBF comic strip: turtle comedy gold

43 Things: from that salon article

ZSI: The Zolera Soap Infrastructure: For maximum confusability, I deem it "Zoap"

PublicRadioFan.com: even better than 'allegro'

Pi-Search: Finally putting that theorem to good use. Only one thing puzzles me, Holmes; if that formula was published in 1996, how did it end up in the calculus textbook i bought in the summer of 1996?

Documentation [Universal Feed Parser]: Docs complete to the point where you wish they were slightly incomplete, like Royce Hall

[Flickr APIs] Python FlickrClient : Now in Python flavor

Flickr Services: Maybe I should start using this instead of justu ploading pictures

Projects - pyamazon [josephson.org]: For all your stupid ideas

map.toolbot.com : browse or download public-domain US maps : He almost has my calendar idea

NUTRIENT DATA LABORATORY: Keeping tabs on food

Foos you can use: 'Of course they were', said the Dormouse; '--well in.'

NationMaster.com - Where Stats Come Alive! : The stats are alive! They're alive! (Still hubristically named)

allconsuming.py : Python AllConsuming module (but the actual API doesn't have what I want)

http://randomthoughts.vandorp.ca/repos/sandbox/stuff/pydel.py: The murder weapon.

http://del.icio.us/doc/api: I must! I have!

myRSS: Build your own custom RSS channel: scrape me, my friend

Hyperlinkomatic : Introduction: Hlom, hlom.

Ping-o-Matic! : Awesome (from ned)

FrontPage - Technorati Developers Wiki: We got a great big wiki, rockin' through the night:

http://bitsko.slc.ut.us/cgi-bin/tidy: Clever (html tidy interface)


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