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Between Desolation and Nuclear Skies: I like this a lot.

From the Archives: Damn!

SUSAN KARE ICONS ART BOOK | Susan Kare Prints: Would make a good Christmas present for Pat.

Search All Collections | britishart.yale.edu:

tumbling space art: Some have deemed it "awesome".

neighbors. :: dann designs: For Sumana.

New Painting – First Stage « Paint and Pleasure: Yay Beth

Duchamp Was Here: Negative space

http://www.wright20.com/auctions/view/KF2W/KF2Z/207/LA/none/K14N/3: First the Z-scale train set in a briefcase, and now this!

Japanese cityscapes with monster-sized wildlife ::: Pink Tentacle: Now, it's awesometime.

Electric_Sheep Reloaded — Kickstarter: 'twould be awesome if this worked out


http://prettyalright.com/792/unintentional-trebuchet: They're breeding.

Engelbart Mural: I'm not crazy about the content but it's quite beautiful.

He's not that bad: Something about this composition gets me every time

Two Children Teasing a Cat | Annibale Carracci | All | European Paintings | Collection Database | Works of Art | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: DO NOT WANT

The Flying Trilobite Reproduction Shop: Maybe i'll order a print of this later...

xubingdotcom: Yeah, it's great

The Left and the Living Dead | The American Prospect: "if you're a zombie lover, this is the time to be alive." Arguably. "This one goes out to all you zombies."

BART - Seen and heard on BART this week: Banjo, butterflies, found keys, sweat and despair : bart.gov used Beatrice Murch's photo on their homepage!!

shwetambari on deviantART: shweta art!

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Greg Manchess painting <em>Canticle</em> by Ken Scholes: beautiful: the craft of visual art

things magazine - because you're worth it: for Leonard

Plugged In : NKeppol: pretty diagram

Brandon Bird, Painter of Might: New Year's Steals: Brandon Bird sale till the 15th

soupablog: SoupBold, the first experimental Soupablog Typeface for sale. $5: BOLD!

Nina Paley: America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist » Sita’s Distribution Plan: Cogitating on how to help Nina Paley get her movie distributed

http://www.flyingghoti.net/blogs/personal/comment.php?comment=57467&disp=full: reminder to self: see more theatre with Martin

YouTube - Lakshya Main Aisa Kyon Hoon hruthic roshan: The weird straitjacket dance from Lakshya, starring Hrithik Roshan. Innovative and eye-catching.

Mindcamp '08 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: I don't look terrible in this photo

I hope you already have, but if not… « Yes We Can (hold babies).: re-finding an old colleague from Salon: truly, Obama brings us together

Real Live Preacher: audience and voice

http://www.mikedaisey.com/2008/10/opening-day.sht: life and art

http://community.livejournal.com/obama_daily: can't stop looking at the pretty photos

Walltype! - Design Shop - Listing: As the holidays approach, put your art on Walltype -- like Lulu for art prints!

The Web's Least Wanted Painting: Susan McCarthy's book: part of the web's least wanted painting

Cabinet of Wonders: The Art of Gesture in Tourist Italy: Classic decontextualization

Rick Veitch » Army@Love: Art Of War #2: punch in the gut

's Baggers® N├╝rnberg : Yes! The rebirth of the Futurist restaurant!

Salvadore Dali: The Mike Wallace Interview: This one seems to not go anywhere in particular

armory show 2008 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Quest For The Readymades

The Futurist Manifesto: "And strong healthy Injustice will shine radiantly from their eyes."

Cremaster Karoake: For Jake.

Still, Pissed At The National Gallery -- Daddy Types: What kind of terrible docent tells kids that authority figures decide what's art and you just have to deal with it? Gah!

ART TORRENTS: Indirectly found via jake.

Japanese Pottery - Ito Sekisui V - Living National Treasure: Now I'm just interested in pottery--this style is awesome!

Critique of the Living National Treasure (LNT) System, by Aoyama Wahei: OK, this explains a lot

Online Art Contests, Galleries & Art Portfolios : Art Face Off: Evan's dream realized

The Poor Man Project: for posterity -- Danny DeVito is the poor man's Wallace Shawn

Medieval Woodcuts Clipart Collection: This Medieval Life

Internet Archive: Details: John Cage Lecture Reading: on Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Johns etc. at L.A. County Museum of Art, 1965: Cage + Duchamp = NOTHING

The Poet Speaks of Art: poems about paintings, shown next to the paintings

Lunar Painting Experiment: Silicon-based art. From Making Light comment thread.

Tiny Icon Factory: Face facts, folks: these things are cool. Except for the inevitable 13x13 vandalism. The vandalism actually reminds me of all those incredibly lame Super Mario Bros. ROM hacks.

Public Domain paintings by Don Davis: It's mine! All mine!

muneatsacow: Supernatural: Photoshop Ultraman out of these and you've got some quality art!

KrazyDad » Blog Archive » Free Sounds, Pictures and Software: Things? Free? It'll never catch on!

POLYORAMA: Adam, please do something and make this interesting (though the "circuit test" one is cool)

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - art: The works of art that matter most: Here's one I call "The Cask of Amontillado"...

Peter Schwenger  Codex Seraphinianus: Hallucigenia section needs to be rewritten

Artists' Books Collection: I saw one of these at Jake's store and it really aggravated me

Afterculture Art -- An Anthropology of the Future: By analogy with "After Man", I suppose

A Holiday Treat: Iyov's First Quest, a D&D Coloring Book: dang cute beholder

monochrom: I remember hearing about this when it happened; very similar to nonesuch project

Bathsheba Grossman - Large Scale Crystal: If I ever become a big-shot executive this will sit on my desk in a pathetic attempt to be hip

JustinSpace Joan's Monets: Attack of the middlebrow

mirrorpuzzle: That's nice but i'd always be afraid of cutting myself

the wurst gallery: Once again, I'm years ahead of my time.

http://www.3d-mouseion.com/engels/bosch_eng.htm: todd mcfarlane, eat your heart out (literally!)

http://www.3d-mouseion.com/engels/bosch_eng.htm: todd mcfarlane, eat your heart out (literally!)

The Navy Art Collection: Paintings of Naval Aviation; From the Abbott Labs Collection: Mister Navy

Art: Pac-Man art (Jim Davies): Hey, my paintings are about this good

Art: Martin Wattenberg: OK, I'm convinced, this guy is good.

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages--Iron Women, Foxy Ladies: "On the other hand, men portrayed in Chinese communist propaganda were often butt-ugly."

Boston.com / A&E / Theater/Arts / Mr. Universe: From Jake


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