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Where to go around NYC to see the meteor shower on August 12? | Ask MetaFilter: Leonard, I'd like to do this

Planetographic Coordinates: If you're wondering where I got that thing about Jupiter's prime meridian in the REST book, this is where

NEAR image of the day for 2000 Jun 1: Latitude and longitude on nonspherical objects--explained!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak_of_Eternal_Light: "Where do you get your ideas?" "From the frickin _universe_!"

COSMOS SkyWalker: Something about the Google Maps-style dragging interface triggered the "Oh shit, oh shit, those are _galaxies_!" reaction in me.

The Size Of Our World: "Caution: we cannot take responsibility for the relative sizes of stars turning out to be other than as depicted."

An Atlas of The Universe: Posters, I demand posters!


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