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phylomon.org: Procyon lotor: weak against... carnivores. (Thank goodness for the International Year of Biodiversity!)

100 days in Glacier National Park: A fun project for a beautiful park

TASCHEN Books: Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities: One day I will own this again.

MkzdK: Gaia's strange and seedlike brood: A-ha.

Human Macroecology: Levy Walks in the Ocean: Very interesting.

Trilobita Trilobites: You won't find these in the Encyclopedia of Life!

Encyclopedia of Life: The ocean's resources

Crooked Timber » » Sue Gerhardt on Why Love Matters (Daycare Revisited): Reminding me about the hard choices ahead re: parenting and career

James Fallows | Author and Journalist » Boiled-frog: Primary Pet Peeve of James Fallows: the "frog in tepid -> boiling water" canard

PLoS Biology - Who Needs Sex (or Males) Anyway?: Obvious in retrospect: asexual reproduction messes up our conception of "species"

American Scientist Online - Why We Develop Food Allergies : Good news for vaginal birth and the extended hygiene hypothesis; "babies who breastfeed exclusively for at least the first four months appear to have fewer allergies."

Palaeos Paleozoic : Cambrian : Early Cambrian: Time maps

Welcome To Pacific Crest Trail Association - Home: I dunno, it's a trail, what do you want?

About Us: I just realized I walked right past this store a couple weeks ago and didn't notice!

How to Extract DNA from Anything Living: in your home

Royal Ontario Museum - Explore & Learn: burgess shale fossils

The Bach-y-Rita Chronicles: Even better than adapting to upside-down vision


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