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http://www.kevinfanning.com/store/lets-all-find-awesome-jobs/: If it has "awesome" in the title, I'm already 50% sold.

http://www.jauntsetter.com/archive/travel_deals: For Sumana, who knows the way

Fundable Online Fundraising — Welcome: Fund, my minions!

Net Promoter - Bad Profit Stories: I've always thought this was a vital component of that boot that keeps stomping on the human face.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Great Potlatch Riots, by Allen Kim Lang : Heavy-handed and also has officers fraternizing with the enlisted men.

Andy Hertzfeld's Apple performance review | developer.* Blogs: Surprisingly interesting (faint praise, I know)

Traveling Sales Crews Home Page A National Tragedy: Holy cow.

Bnerd[TM]: HOWTO: Customer Service: praise for Fog Creek, yay

cruxy beta: Store for stuff

Pump and dump blues | The Register : Very interesting, but requires a stipulation that The Register has published accurate information

Business Plan Archive: Sure, they laughed at the BBS Documentary, but *this*!

Making Money the Old Fashioned Way, by Joe Martin: "They are the foundations of all nations"

Learn about Incorporating a Business - Incorporation Information: From the other kevin

One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers: Why are _you_ reading it?

Modern Corporation: Works on a question I've considered a lot

Prodigem Hosting Service : I'm sold (metaphorically)

O'Reilly Connection: But what about the Factor?

Lesson 24 -- STUPID WANNABE TRICKS: "I've got this great idea for a game, let's start a mailing list about it!" In 99% of cases, the lifecycle of the project is predictable from these words alone.

Jobazaar: The new way to get the job done!: I wonder if someone could use stuff like this to make a living doing misc. odd jobs

An Architectural Roadmap for Startups: found this after having it lying around in some godforsaken directory for 5 years

Internet Archive: Web Group Jobs: I guess I could give it a shot (or Brendan could, maybe?)

VentureBlog: The Podcast Elevator Pitch: This is the perfect opportunity to try out my subliminal message kit

CoolWorks.com® Summer Jobs Winter Seasonal Jobs and Careers in National Parks, Ski Resorts, Cruise Ships, Camps, and Ranches in Great Places: Not sure what to think about this

You and Your Research: To *finish* reading

Eric Von Hippel's Homepage: I am having a dilemma as to whether or not to read this. It's the innovator's dilemma!

Suck: Daily: "when you enter [a mall], you step out of time and off the map, into a new but always familiar meta-territory: the Shopping Zone." As seen in Jake Berendes West Covina

IOBA Standard - Penny Selling : tellin' y'all it's an AR BI TRAGE

thebookbandit's blog on bookselling: "pseudo book sellers"? My books! Turning to sand!

How to pitch an idea - UIWEB.COM: the pitch!

US Team Building | Events | Corporate Raiders: bastards stole our idea

Indie Developer FAQ: "developing games won't pay the bills; only shipping software will"

Afterburner Leadership Seminars For Corporate Teambuilding: "we are an execution improvement company"

The Cratchit Project Home Page: get out of my tabs

Search: got me a government job

Welcome to PublicRecordSources.com!: Nothing makes money like giving access to public documents

: New software niche: Ass Management Software, Ass Relationship Management, etc.

Call For Grant Proposals: Surely I can think of something

In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood: Great stories of frailty, folly, snafu, class, etc.

Rent A Coder:How Software Gets Done: The second coming of SourceXchange. Not open source, has weird "earth" icon and prices seem a little cheap unless you live in Boise or Prague.

What will people pay for? : Basically, emotional multipliers (or did I miss the point?)

RESUME WRITING | How to write a masterpiece of a resume : I've always wanted a method for generating results.

CafePress.com | Publishing Learning Center | Use Your Store to Create & Sell Books: For the Christmas presents

Sell professional quality Audio and Data CDs: Soon they'll do custom 3d printing for you

STARTREK.COM : Article: My own advice mirrored by a Ferengi. "They'll pay ridiculously high prices for the cheapest stuff."

The New Methodology: I wish they all could be California girls.

The 25 most difficult questions: From 1983 but still fresh (maybe?). Don't let your true opinions about things get in the way of the job of your dreams!

Learning about Lean: lean and mean

The Atlantic | November 2003 | Columbia's Last Flight | Langewiesche: crappy procedures and metrics

Management by Baseball: Not what it seems--actually about how to define non-sucking metrics

Feld Thoughts: The Torturous World of Powerpoint: How to sanity-check a business plan

www.kovi.org main page: Lessons learned

Welcome To Freedom Frog Funding: I just love the URL


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