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The Best XBox 360 Games Under $10 | RetroGaming with Racketboy: I may or may not buy these eventually

Designer Frames & Online Eyeglasses - $95 Rx Glasses | Warby Parker: Just get glasses from here eventually

Shuttle Missions Patch Set: "The crews designed their patches and they did not all put the STS #s on them for what ever reason."

GoodRelations: The Web Ontology for E-Commerce: Take the SPARQL challenge

Colorful Bedding on the Cheap: 10 Sources | Apartment Therapy Marketplace: I kind of want to have insane sheets from this point on in my life.

Newegg.com price tracker, Newegg.com price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. | camelegg.com: Not gonna complain about this at all, but I would like to check the price of a _class_ of product rather than one particular product.

JetPens - Japanese Pens and Stationery: PENS PENS PENS

- Geek Chic - Custom, Handcrafted Furniture & Accessories for the Geek Lifestyle: Things not expensive enough? We've got you covered.

The Flag of Earth - Order: Nine bucks for a small.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers from the world's largest online B2B marketplace-Alibaba.com: They may not have both bears *and* dolls, but what can you do

Warby Parker: Boutique Quality, Vintage Inspired Eyewear for $95: Fancy eyeglasses, as recommended by Ask MeFi

Zenni Optical : Cheap glasses, as recommended by Ask MeFi

JetPens - Japanese Pens and Stationery: Cool things I'll prob. never buy

deviantART Shop: Le Totoro Noir: Why does a damn error keep occuring when I add to cart?

Bulk Herbs, spices and botanicals from Mountain Rose: For herbs too obscure for Penzey's.

Natural Latex Mattresses | MetaEfficient Reviews: I'd love to be able to justify spending THREE GRAND on a mattress.

the original sushi pillow home: The original, huh? (Note: Nigiri pillows "are not intended to be separated.")

shopfair: 99 sweatshop-free fashion brands: Fair trade eyeglasses (for "fair trade" == "made in the first world")

http://www.metaefficient.com/leds/breakthough-25-led-light-bulbs.html: If I'd told teenage me about the future teenage me would have said "LIGHT BULBS THAT ARE LEDS?!?!"

stevethomas: New Products: Zazzle.com Store: The pulp SF version

What MP3 player should I buy? - Boing Boing: Perhaps Sumana might find profit in reading the comments

TASCHEN Books: Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities: One day I will own this again.

welcome to SITE!!!: When I need kitch but the subway isn't running

GelPro Mat - Equipment & Gear - Cooking For Engineers: Looks great!

Etsy :: pixelbit :: Earthbound Completed Cross Stitch: I wonder what Kool-Aid Man would say about this if he were here. Oh yeah, he'd say OH YEAH!!!

http://www.amazon.com/2-3-Stackable-Pinch-Spice-Bowl/dp/B0018O2W8A/: These are the bowls I just got, I think.

http://www.amazon.com/2-3-Stackable-Pinch-Spice-Bowl/dp/B0018O2W8A/: These are the bowls I just got, I think.

HostMonster - Web hosting: One of the prebuilt-MythTV-box-makers I'm investigating

McMaster-Carr: Holy crap that's a lot of stuff

Getting Started : I'm confused already!

Dream Arcades, LLC: These look pretty nice, if you got the space

Mixer Blade Accessory for KitchenAid Cuisinart Hamilton Beach mixers: Need one of these as my existing mixer blad has become chipped

http://www.faser.net/mab/chrome/content/mab.xul: Wow, this is really fast.

Chair Repairs: Dammit.

MXYPLYZYK: Kind of cool store in Greenwich Village with cool name

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BNQC58/: Get this for Beet when Beet is ages 3 and up

guyotdesigns | Products: Firefly: Sumana, maybe you can get this to replace the previously destroyed nalgene bottle lid

Contact the Art of Cooking: in the West Village (cooking supply, not a restaurant)

About Us: I just realized I walked right past this store a couple weeks ago and didn't notice!

http://www.agriseek.com/: At last, an online source for alpacas!

ELSEWARES » INDEPENDENT ART & DESIGN: Who needs to get this?

GRAND ILLUSIONS SHOP: Illusions, dad! You don't have time for my illusions!

MK Accessories: Cool looking vases

Deep Ocean Photography : Galleries: The next coffinfish awaits discovery

Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools: For Sumana

Aurelle LED Candle: I'm told that these lamps are acceptable under the restraining order

ThinkGeek :: Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set: The perfect gift for sumana

The Construction Site ™: Soft hat area

LocalHarvest - Farmers Markets / Family Farms / Organic Food: gift trove

byo : I like it, but don't I already have a reusable lunchbag?

BrickLink - The Unofficial Online LEGO® Marketplace: At last I can obtain that white-suit spaceman that has eluded me for years (though all the specimens on offer seem of poor quality)

Lehman's;kitchen accessories:crocks, bells, woodworking tools, ice cream makers, axes, wooden toys, kitchen gadgets, kitchen store, oil lamp, apple peeler, food processing, blacksmith tools, fireplace stove: Just what I need, "home butchering"

Twin Draft Stopper: Hmm, but my drafty door is a sliding door. What to do?

Welcome to ExtremeToysForBoys.com!! Extreme Adventure Capital of the World!: "Wherever your extreme side takes you"? Maybe this site is not for me after all.

Uplands Cheese Company - Makers of Pleasant Ridge Reserve, an artisanal cheese from Wisconsin: ritzy cheese

: Your spice canisters are: "Endurance stainless steel clear-top can, stackable with clear lid", RSVP international

Moonstone Books - Buckaroo Banzai: at last, a comic book that makes me want to read it

SR60: "and the prestigous 'budget component of the year'"

Welcome to Dover Publications! Since 1941, we’ve offered great books at amazing prices—including over 600 titles that sell for less than $2.00! With over 8,000 value-priced titles we have books for almost every interest. Dover collections include fun, educational books for Children, a world-renowned series of Science books, not to mention our famous Clip-Art and Music titles. We’ve got books for Architects, Crafters, Designers, Artists, Civil War buffs and more. Please take a moment to browse our extensive collection. And when you shop at Dover, you may do so with complete confidence. We stand behind every product we sell with our unconditional money-back guarantee.: the less crazy version of previous

EthnicGrocer.com - premier online provider of authentic ethnic products: this guy hates those generic "ethnic" jokes

AnnualCreditReport: Neat

Amazon.com: Computer & Video Games: Mario Kart Holiday Bundle : decide if you want a game system again; this seems like a good deal

www.zingermans.com - Full-Flavored, traditionally made olive oil, vinegar, bread, cheese and pastries. : for the zing!

computer liquidation, computer surplus clothing liquidation buy surplus buy closeouts: i guess i should beware

Product Reviews and Reports by Consumer Search - ConsumerSearch.com: in case one day you care

Laird/Lady Title Deed Gift Pack, Boys Stuff Big Boys Toys, Gifts For Birthday, New Gadgets, Weird Ideas, Men's Toys, Christmas Presents, Gifts For Men, Gifts For Women & Men's Toys: Yeah, this'll work real well

IronAngel Forge - Feast Crossbows : "In the 15th century, it was discovered that these were a bad idea... but now they're back, by popular demand!"

The Global Puzzle: I wonder if there are 600 pieces because all the islands of eg. Japan have their own pieces

Coleman's Military Surplus, army surplus store: Surplus Geiger counter for $30

USGS Geography Product Lists, Price Lists, Order Forms, and Address Lists About Mapping and Related Subjects: get yer maps

http://www.google.com/catalogs?dq=&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&issue=24037&catpage=104: Oops

Restaurant Equipment and Restaurant Supplies from Central Restaurant Products: Has dredgers for $2

Cheese, Specialty Food and Gourmet Gift Baskets: igourmet: In case you have too much money

Valrhona Chocolate - Guanaja, Caraibe, Manjari, Caraque, Le Noir Gastronomie, Valrhona Cocoa Powder, more...: Choose your chocolate format.

The premier source for gourmet chocolate. Order Gourmet Chocolate on-line: Belgian, American and French, baking chocolate, truffles, gift box of Nirvana Chocolates, bars from Callebaut, Cote D'Or, Valrhona, Scharffen Berger, chocolate spread and many other items.: rawr rawr rawr

The Vermont Country Store: I probably already linked to this.

Meta-Efficient: A Guide To the Most Efficient Things in the World: Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Living, Efficient Appliances, Product Reviews, Best Products, Fuel Efficient: cooltools 2

http://www.hobbytron.com/: Hobbytron will destroy you!

MOTCO - Preston Blake Collection: The barber from ST:TNG started a map business.


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