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Young Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Jobs - NYTimes.com: disorienting & freeing to think "you will probably fail your first time"

How to Manage Your Boss When Working Remotely : This is a good 101; a 201 of "how to deal with an uncommunicative remote boss" would be fantastic

Civil Service — Crooked Timber: a reminder of the awesome Bunnatine Greenhouse

MBA Mondays : A VC: check for a refresher

Getting involved with Mozilla | Dysfunctional Programming: tips on getting up to speed with a new source tree

On 1:1s :: dria.org: as rands says, you will always learn something during your 1:1. Prep work for the win. Richardson's format mirrors that of the liaison chats from the performance appraisal system I developed

Waking Sleeping Beauty - Movie Trailers - iTunes: I so want to see this

Damien Katz: Thoughts on an Open Source Company: I'm especially curious about how the anti-manager bias and the allergy to performance/productivity criteria will end up working

Report From Staringintospacecon 2004: Seth's advice: be frank, gossip, use clear and specific examples, tell an interesting narrative.

http://mediactive.com/2010/02/02/the-future-of-journalism-education/: this is the kind of journalism that could send graduates into industry as managers & facilitators, writers of many sorts

The professional masquerade - The F-Word: SO GLAD tech isn't entirely like this (or maybe I just haven't risen high enough to see it)

A short follow-up on work at Hugo Schwyzer: "putting one’s relationships first, or at least making sure that they aren’t jeopardized by one’s livelihood, is something that those who are fortunate enough to choose their livelihoods ought to strongly consider"

Ill-mannered Grandiloquence » Blog Archive » Diversity at what cost?: talking about diversity in FLOSS for its own sake as opposed to for instrumental goals, + worries about taking the fun out of the community

What Should We Teach New Software Developers? Why? | January 2010 | Communications of the ACM: familiar

soc - Project Hosting on Google Code: possible to use Melange to keep interns' FLOSS contributions visible & monitor progress?

Jane Silber to take over as Canonical CEO: new Canonical CEO: Jane Silber

Industrial Research: More Grounded in Reality, or Not?. In the Pipeline: : sunk-cost fallacy, metrics-driven perverse incentives, mistaking easy for right, bandwagon

Ursula K. Le Guin: A Left-Handed Commencement Address: jawdropping

http://www.gnome.org/~federico/docs/summer-of-code-mentoring-howto/: not too hard to generalize this into a "how to mentor an intern"

[M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og » Blog Archive » The Invisible Traceback: "blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them)" looking forward to the transcript

Rupa MFA dt thesis blog: Rupa DasGupta's MFA blog - she's going to use eye-tracking technology to investigate & reveal the male gaze, partially as internalized by women

October 2009: Nell Scovell on David Letterman | vanityfair.com: via maevele on dw. How are Colbert/Daily Show different?

Call For Participation | fosdem.org: a month left to submit most talks to FOSDEM 2010 (Brussels)

SUN: forty years of mentoring: mentoring works, if it's systematic

Making Light: Permission to suck: Freedom to look stupid leads to getting smarter, part 2.

Where does the moon come from? Or, Launch Pad day 5 : Freedom to look stupid leads to getting smarter, part 1.

The Invisible Traceback: blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them) | Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009: "new contributor on-ramp pipeline is particularly tricky to debug; potential participants often struggle in silence"

Motivation – you’re doing it wrong : to think about for work

My piece for BusinessWeek.com is live. Join the debate on performance reviews! : thinking for work

Personism » Blog Archive » List of Women Speakers for Your Conference: if GeekSpeakr is too limited

Students Pay Services to Obtain Internships - NYTimes.com: remind me to never trust C. Mason Gates

Bitch Ph.D.: list of criteria there - scary

Robotic Tendencies » On contributing to Gaim…: what not to do as a FLOSS maintainer

FSF annual meeting -- Libre Planet 2009 conference - Free Software Foundation: Leonard, mayhap we could/should go to this?

Susan Senator: Susan's Blog: Suffering From Dimension: on liminality, going through an experience and making it 3D

Kung Fu Monkey: Waid Wednesdays #10: The Job of the Comic Book Editor: lessons for Sumana the editor - get out of the way, offer solutions, don't just add would-be-cool

Some Quick Notes on Approaching a Single Day Consultancy: (the explicit): Approach 3 reminds me of my wish that we'd share jokes on Diversity Day

Derek Powazek - Unsolicited Advice is a Valuable Clue: Thanks, Derek, for offering me a more neutral way to hear otherwise maddening unsolicited advice

http://training.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/bbst: Mel-recommended

CompassPoint: Ana-rec'd

Should we hire academics who are parents? — Crooked Timber: Substitute "tech startups" for "academe"?

Software Developers | Black Duck Software: Pretty awesome!

Shiny Happy Users by Eric Drewski, Kevin Godby, Trent Grover, Elena Maximova, Michael Oren, Derrick Parkhurst, Janea Triplett, Valerie Williams (Book) in Computers & Internet: to brush up on IA

Call for Participation » Grace Hopper Celebration 2009: reminder to self: prep polisci lecture for Grace Hopper?

Jobs, News, Emerging Growth Companies, Startups, Venture Capital, Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin: recommended by CCarrick

http://www.pe-international.com: recommended by CCarrick

http://ideo.com/culture/career/engagement-designer-transformation-practice/: via Mel

DeCal : Frequently Asked Questions: "At DeCal we emphasize that students are facilitators and not teachers." Not in my day! I TAUGHT those classes with no faculty supervision, and I'm glad I had none.

How Hard Could It Be?: My Style of Servant Leadership-joel spolsky-leadership: Not sure who the maligned trainee is. Me? Eric? Dan? Jason?

Seattle Tech Startups | nPost Blog: useful list to mine

Election Special Issue - Barack Obama, Forever Sizing Up - Candidate Profile - Biography - NYTimes.com: Controlling and bad at dealing with surprises?

Fair Game - Was There a Loan It Didn’t Like? - NYTimes.com: case study in ethics, conformism, perverse incentives, risk...

http://www.timwu.org/log/archives/313: how many of the things you do are, in fact, exactly this category?

How to Be a Leader in Your Field : to read

The Audacity of Success « Brand A: I need to make myself feel liberated by this message

LinkedIn: Answers: Do you 'do' 'Doostang'? Others have suggested it is a great career network resource. What are your results? Do you recommend it for a recruiter with mid to senior level jobs?: And the prize for least egalitarian comment of the day goes to Karthik Chandramouli

Finishers Wanted - Unweary: on the value of consistently producing

http://www.sunpig.com/martin/archives/2008/08/03/1-year-on.html: it pays to recognize when you're at a local maximum, and JUMP

http://boulder.me/: Leonard, wanna check this out?

Katie's Computing Stuff: Kate (Katie) Lucas on software development, the tech industry, etc.

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - how do you know when the axe is coming down on you?: K. Lucas points out "You stop getting fed requirements" is a bad sign

Downhill Battle Labs: Looking for an open source project to join to hone your skills? Could do worse than a Downhill Battle app

~stevenf: Aerophobe: Archived copy of Steven Frank on overcoming phobia

Choose Your Manager: Choose a smart and wise manager from whom you can learn. To do otherwise may stunt your career.

Career Calculus: What are you learning at your job? How much longer will your job be interesting?

Career Couch - Keeping a Job Search Under the Radar - Interview - NYTimes.com: Does deliciousing *this very article* create suspicions in the hearts of one's bosses?

What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople? | Ask Metafilter: I should write about the books I'm reading based on this recommendation list, such as Lynch, Ball, and Murch

Making Light: Gnomic Verses: check out der Plotkin

Big government, big IT — Crooked Timber: "...when many stakeholders may have powers of delay or veto, but few have powers of initiation. It is not for nothing that some people claim IT as now a branch of applied sociology."

Galatea Associates, LLC — Careers: recommended by a Syster

soupablog: Franciscan Retreat Blogpost 2.01 - Friday June 6, 2008: Paul retreated - and treated me to a print design review

Geek Speak Women | find technical women to speak: another list to add myself to

valhenson: Supporting assertive women: Support assertive women; acknowledge your sexist impulses and then try to overcome them. Includes useful link re: proactively encouraging women's job satisfaction

How much money do you make?: another in the salary transparency rumination series

Schneier on Security: The Security Mindset: A new profession for me?

Underground Value: Notes From Buffett Meeting 2/15/2008: "I know people on the Forbes 400 list whose children would not hide them." Today I accidentally made a guy think about whether anyone would miss him if he died.

Groklaw - The Microsoft v. Google-Lee Hearing: Among other things, why smart people leave for new jobs

Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard » Blog Archive » Microsoft plus Yahoo? The sum is less than the parts: Had to wait till California woke up to get decent analysis on MSFT->YHOO. Thanks, Scott.

Rands In Repose: Ninety Days: Just reread. A new job tradition?

adaptive path » product experience strategy and design : researching the competition

Gomoll Research + Design: researching the competition

graphpaper.com - Interaction Design Style (My IA Summit 2007 Presentation): Oh God, I need to grok all this by Thursday, all of a sudden I need to be able to evaluate design critically

Official Google Blog: Baby steps to a new job: actually heartwarming

Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Economist Brad DeLong's Fair, Balanced, and Reality-Based Semi-Daily Journal: RIAA admits that they refuse to make products people want: "Watch for Compilations that are 'Too Good to Be True'" (must be pirated) via delong

Miracles - 10 Zen Monkeys: Self-promote, steal ideas, don't lie, hate enemies but love rivals, and do less.

So Thats Why Its Called a PYRAMID SCHEME: I understand this much better than I did 2 years ago. Thanks, finance class!

One Good Thing: scary: now I identify more with the Chotchkie's manager

Educators Corner: Podcasts : Fodder for a future mobile music player

Politeness and Authority at a Hilltop College in Minnesota - New York Times: more thoughts on women and the posture of authority

One Week Job : via positivesharing. Leonard, now I don't have to write that book and do the Ehrenreich-ish research? Darn.

First Impressions From An Office: Oh Lord so true. Via brutalwomen.

Po Bronson on Silicon Valley Headhunters: "..search my name on Nexis, and you'll turn up nothing. Did I ever get credit? It's unethical." I reminded him that I couldn't search his name on Nexis because he wouldn't tell me his name.

Po Bronson on Silicon Valley: One of the WIRED articles that shaped my life; Sterling's Russia dispatch in the same issue, ditto

I Invent the Future » Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC 2007): I really want to attend, but a) money b) classes the first and last day of the conf

Women in Technology: submit?

Head Hunters: Makes me want to be a good recruiter to drive out some of the crap

DemocracyTesters - Democracy - Trac: How to test - links to test cases & walkthrough

Miro nightly builds: for testing the former Democracy Player

Presidential Management Fellows Program: The application start date for applying to the PMF Class of 2008 is expected to be on or around September 1, 2007.

Gardner Fellowship Opportunities: If you're trying to articulate the breadth of the public/independent/nonprofit sector, here's a glimpse

FORTIFY YOUR OASIS: Definitive Job-Hunt - The story so far: Leonard, these links might be useful to you in your job search

The Washington Monthly: Kevin Drum, Salon, and $10,000

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - How to Prepare for Software Managment Training Program?: tips on the current state of the Fog Creek Software Management Training Program

blog.pmarca.com: How to hire the best people you've ever worked with: Marc Andreessen and Paul Graham believe that startups shouldn't bother hiring people who care about anything but career

[M]etabrain[E]ntry[L]og: Olin students are slackers.: Like the person said about MIT teaching "a kind of fearlessness" -- is Olin next?

Bitch Ph.D.: "UCLA department had a secret reserve of money that they used to supplement the salaries of male faculty members only." The comments are right on.

http://www.mikedaisey.com/2007/05/blackberry.sht: "Life is short, the art long, opportunity fleeting, experiment treacherous, judgment difficult."

MacLeans Canada - Blogs | Jaime J. Weinman: TV Guidance: extremely concise connection-making and articulation of The Problem Of Insiderness

How not to let annoying people annoy you : a bunch of tips to help reduce annoyance

http://codeproject.com/gen/work/: All the advice I don't want to think about


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