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Scamworld: 'Get rich quick' schemes mutate into an online monster | The Verge: Amazing drama

http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1571&start=2080: 'But he said "null-spit", which is used in only one of the two glitches.'

BootlegGames Wiki: For the bootleg lover in you

Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey: You had me at "ultra-filtration"

Gyromite NES Import Adapter Guide | RetroGaming with Racketboy: 5-screw vs. 3-screw makes a difference!

The Cutting Room Floor - The Cutting Room Floor: Oh yeah.

How to explore and automate Twitter's OAuth implementation - O'Reilly Answers: Oh, geez

KrazyDad » Blog Archive » Mayor of the North Pole: Too bad it's Adam who's obsessed with FourSquare, and not Adi. Adi would read this and immediately stop playing because it had stopped being fun.

Next step in pirating: Faking a company - The New York Times: Well, another way to look at it was they decided to start their own electronics company and steal the name, rather than setting up some kind of shadow corporation

http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/howto-crack-rar-7z-and-zip-files-with.html: Can't imagine why I'd need this, but it's a useful thing to know about

: Interesting idea: modify the SCRIPT element so that its SRC attribute points to another domain.

Net Promoter - Bad Profit Stories: I've always thought this was a vital component of that boot that keeps stomping on the human face.

http://www.usenix.org/events/leet08/tech/full_papers/king/king_html/: I think Adam Kaplan should go to work on this stuff.

When free books aren't really free - Feb. 8, 2008: For reference; I have a big NYCB draft I'm working on about this

Pirate Shenanigans on the High Internets « deep ape: Now that's classy backbiting humor.

Secrets of the Perfect Salsa - CHOW: Reverse-engineering salsa through seiving, DNA testing, etc. Excellent embedded article about the food-DNA-testing industry.

Traveling Sales Crews Home Page A National Tragedy: Holy cow.

Bringo: Phone Tree Killer. This Is A Genuinely Useful Service: Gotta write my story about this

Certifications and Site Trustworthiness: TRUSTe certification is an _anti-sign_ of trustworthiness, claims crazed guy-who's-probably-right

Park Place, the Amazon-S3 clone: When the book gets into S3 territory

XMLHttpRequest HTTP Feature Tests: You *can* do a PUT or DELETE from a web browser, by using the browser inside your browser: XmlHttpRequest

Abusing Amazon images: For reference: an excellent example of an accidentally restful web service

H.M.G.'s Secret Pornographer: Sefton Delmer: "In 1939 it never occurred to me that one day my turn would come to wage war on Hitler by pornography." I should imagine not.

PSYOP PSYOPS PSYWAR Psychological Operations Psychological Warfare: Sickening and mostly useless and strangely addictive, much like war in general

SourceForge.net: ext2hide: If you've got nothing to ext2hide

Ghostzilla - the invisible browser: No, you fool, don't use it for its intended purpose!

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome: This is what happens when I don't write my stories in time.

THE TELECRAPPER 2000 TELEMARKETER INTERCEPTION SYSTEM: This has a *lot* of potential: script vs. script

Cornford: Microcosmographia Academica - I Warning: "There is another world within this microcosm -- a silent, reasonable world, which you are now bent on leaving."

2005 Underhanded C Contest: I have a joke about this but it is too complicated to fit in this margin.

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software: The small intersection of what I know and what is covered in this book looks good

python and the web: Feynman's letters (with cameo appearances by sir del.icio.us and matplotlib): I promised not to scrape del.icio.us anymore, but my minions will do it for me!

NESVideos / Super Mario Bros Tricks: If only people were this obsessed about everything

del.icio.us/frutavida: SEE the amazing delicious spam

The New York Times > Log In: Link is going to die, read it while you can, it's pretty interesting

The Rorschach Test: "Even among those who acknowledge the value of the test, there is disagreement on interpretation of responses." Classic

Vernalisa's Almost Original Famous Recipes: Copycats

Inmarsat zapping: So why does the piracy report have such lame-ass items where the pirates run away when the crew 'musters' and grabs the fire hoses?


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