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Wake In Progress: Page 45: the ballad of Persse O'Reilly 1/3: Hot damn!

Wake In Progress: Page 16, version 2: "Ghinees hies good for you."

http://www.smallpeculiar.com/?p=940: WHALE ANGER

chainsawsuit by kris straub - buy tabasco products: Kris and I came up with this joke in the 90s... but there was no outlet for it then.

http://www.smallpeculiar.com/?p=805: Ha!

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery: Star Trek 1212: Four Funerals and a Wedding: "Best Ferengi swear ever." Agreed.

Alien Loves Predator » Please Swipe Again: Here's the other one, so you don't think I'm crazy. (Or, so you do.)

Alien Loves Predator » Resistance is Worthwhile: Yeah, pander to New Yorkers, that's the stuff. (cf. YOUR MOM LIKES IT ROUGH... FROM THIS TURNSTILE)

Terror Island: I decided to read this whole comic and now it's one in the morning.

He's not that bad: Something about this composition gets me every time

Daisy Owl - Hey Now: there are not enough Smashmouth references in my webcomics? Daisy Owl remedies that

Daisy Owl - Movie Night: one of my favorite Daisy Owls

Covered: For Sumana. Just mine this for commissioned art.

Hark, a vagrant archive: Yay! Kate Beaton has archives by category!!!!

Tom the Dancing Bug | Salon Comics: you can sing "brain in a beaker" to the tune of "smoke on the water"

http://beatonna.livejournal.com/82660.html: Rami from Project Runway, witness Kate Beaton's draperie

dykestowatchoutfor.com » Blog Archive » out with the old: Alison Bechdel thanks Ganesha for helping her declutter

Digger by Ursula Vernon » Archive » Digger: to read

Lorem Ipsum: Darths and Droids: to check out

Daily Sci-Fi Webcomic: Starslip Crisis by Kris Straub - Archive » Starslip: ... ...


Nintendo Super Squad (SS - 101 Looking for Links): Nice relationship between Link and Navi there.

Hulu - Mr. Patel: maybe I should just wait for Sepia Mutiny to tell me whether this is any good

twelve.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting: love the face in the last panel

Penny Arcade! - Couch Diplomacy: the wording here makes this PA a household fave

SUPEROSITY Archives: Day by Day: Aha, here it is. Not as funny as I remember.

Unwinder's Tall Comics - Tuesday, 29th July, 2008: I did like this, random clickolinko person

The Bat-man!: batman parody comics

BOOM! Studios - What Were They Thinking?! Monster Mash-up - Series - Catalog : aaand still sold out

BOOM! Studios - What Were They Thinking?!:Some People Never Learn - Series - Catalog : John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey is involved

BOOM! Studios - What Were They Thinking?! Go West Young Man - Series - Catalog : they're all sold out

BOOM! Studios - What Were They Thinking?! - Series - Catalog : Ambush Bug ref

Media Talk - Is the Main Character Missing? Maybe Not. - NYTimes.com: At first I didn't read this because Jim Davis is a hack. But it turns out he's an easygoing hack who can appreciate non-hackwork.

Yeondoo Jung: SO COOL. Note how many people have arms akimbo or shrugging because that's how kids draw arms.

Beeswax: 1950's Wolverine: saved for Leonard's delectation

Spamusement :: View topic - Spamusement Mysteries: Do you miss Spamusement? Try to figure out the subject lines for these strips!

Daily Sci-Fi Webcomic: Starslip Crisis by Kris Straub - Archive » Future War Part I: I've so been there.

Tastefully Done - Webcomic Artists Showing It All (2008): Just in case you wanted to see dirty pictures drawn by Kris

A Softer World: 238: another canonical ASW

A Softer World: 251: one of the canonical ASWs?

Unshelved comic strip archive : "if you wait long enough, you always see the beginning of the end"

Unshelved comic strip archive : numbers distilled utilizing AEM

Unshelved comic strip archive : Crichton dis follows a dis on "5 people you meet in heaven"

Unshelved comic strip archive : reminds me of Ben P

Unshelved comic strip archive : Someday I will have that five-year-old, the one who wants legal-rational leadership

Unshelved comic strip archive : Did my dad call my mind and temper childish or childlike?

Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday: probably my favorite QC. QC needs a touch more lunacy. But not enough that it gets quote zany unquote.

Unshelved comic strip archive : Here I stand, I can do no other.

Unshelved comic strip archive : not enough CP/M references these days

Unshelved comic strip archive : Seth, don't read this one

Unshelved comic strip archive : Yay for woman asking a man out, ha for wavelength joke

Unshelved comic strip archive : It's not complete without a slam at "Sliders"

Unshelved comic strip archive : Never forget to account for the berating factor

WE THE ROBOTS : Peanuts-esque existentialism with cheap 50s spot art

Unshelved comic strip archive : Plus Salinger, Tupac Shakur's book of poetry, Vonnegut, Tolkien, Blume, Black Panther stuff...

Unshelved comic strip archive : "Mallville Library: Lawless Den of Hedonism." Ah, marketing!

"Nothing Better" by tyler page : I love this chapter

Lorem Ipsum: Y: First issue free online: new excuse to foist it on lots of people

qwantz.com - dinosaur comics - July 31 2007: REST For Dinosaurs (Sorry, my qwantz RSS feed broke so I'm catching up)

qwantz.com - dinosaur comics - July 30 2007: I really liked "Yoshi: The Horse"

200 Bad Comics: No, it's 200 OK, 400 Bad Comics!

News Free Comics: a year subscription for $18, and way funnier than the Atlantic Monthly

Spire Christian Comics: For Jake. Includes "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" and a comic adaptation of "God's Smuggler"

"Nothing Better" by tyler page : closely observed, lovely in-progress graphic novel (some NSFW)

The unfeasible adventures of Beaver and Steve! 270 - Brokk to the future: Let joy be unconfined!

Tetsubo Productions - Wherein It Is More of the Same: MST3K/UMDS comics remix of tiresome Civil War epic

Girly: Extras!: A tragic story of sex, miscommunication, and cake

The Adventures of Cheery Littlebottom: found while looking for "Jakers!" to prove to Leonard that it exists

galactica_icons: 28 icons: some new, some old and some ju: For Sumana, sociologist of livejournal icons

Schlock Mercenary archives - Tuesday, July 17, 2001: Sumana, another one for you

The Silent Penultimate Panel Watch: I predict Sumana will enjoy this.

Schlock Mercenary archives - Tuesday, February 10, 2004: Sumana, i think you'll like this one

Station V3 archives - Thursday 17 November 2005 (#906): Very Shabot-ish, for sumana

plasq.com - Comic Life - Version 1.2: Sumana, this is the program I was telling you about

The Dangers of WoW: "Linens?! You don't even have that skill!"

http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1717/1584/1600/seite_3v.jpg: The first Penny Arcade strip ever (via BibliOdyssey)

Watchmen at { feuilleton }: For Sumana to read when she's done reading the book

Girl Genius 101 Online Comics!: From xorphus, fun

randomized PBF comic strip: turtle comedy gold

Pirate Monkey's Artwork: This is structurally as funny as the captain planet comic, *and* it makes fun of something that people might actually care about

http://www.snoopy.com/comics/peanuts/archive/images/peanuts2004152561216.gif: freaking COMEDY GOLD

Spamusement! Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!: Awwwww

http://www.qwantz.com/comics/comic2-464.png: J'aime des choses et d'autres choses!

Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday: You say 'scary-go-round ripoff' like it's a bad thing.

white ninja comics: Funny, and appropriately poorly drawn

Index of /Chomsky/Noam_Chomsky_Comics: "How could you buy me a laptop? You're a dog."

Yes, I can even teach you, to draw.: I guess that 'draw basic shapes and fill them out somehow' thing is really how they do it

www.mnftiu.cc | home: Needs to be dadified; great test case for my panel recognition algorithm (which is unstoppable)

http://spamusement.com/63.gif: They're at it again.

i'm so lost: Excellent.

http://www.snoopy.com/comics/peanuts/archive/images/peanuts2004082130749.jpg: Genius

ShaBot 6000: Connections: still my favorite


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