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Soviet Arcade Game Posters - a set on Flickr: Too bad all of these are ripoffs. (Or are they???)

InterNyet: why the Soviet Union did not build a nationwide computer network - History and Technology: An International Journal: I need to mooch this off of somebody.

STEAM WORKERS FEAR REDS; Healy Says Soviets Seek Control of City's Pow... - Article Preview - The New York Times: There's a headline you don't see anymore.

Vero Construc - a photoset on Flickr: Cool-looking East German Erector-like set with punch card reader (!)

HCM: The Home Computer Museum ...: Awesome!

Soviet children's books: Look at w/Sumana

entrance: Titles have the format of titles of math papers. "Abuses of socialism are intolerable"

Схемы и карты метро / glava : most sumana-esque page ever

The Pyongyang Metro: Statistics: station names "bear no relation to geography", presumably as an extension of the tactic of naming all the towns with very similar names

Countermoves - The Game Zine: so that's why that book is so interesting in those posters

APOD: 2004 October 9 - The Averted Side Of The Moon : "The Soviet Mountains"

Wired 12.09: Let a Thousand Reactors Bloom: Very interesting. I thought pebble-bed reactors were already being used but clearly I was wrong and don't know anything.

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages--Iron Women, Foxy Ladies: "On the other hand, men portrayed in Chinese communist propaganda were often butt-ugly."

http://www.gutenberg.net/dirs/1/3/1/4/13146/13146-8.txt: "Beauty and the Bolshevist": 1920 comedy of manners (?)

Untitled Document: "But dad, what about our nuclear deterrent?" "It's been stipulated away for the sake of didacticism, son."

BBC - Wiltshire - Features - Fancy a game, comrade?: So that's what that MAME Rom was

101-280: Videostalgie: More about the PolyPlay


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