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http://www.cbi.umn.edu/collections/inv/cbi00021.html: I bet there's some stuff from my dad in here.

FS#5863 : Banshee library import fails to load files: There must be some legal plausible-deniability reason behind the fact that I had this problem in 2009 and the same fix worked

Amigan Software: ACAR & PAU Scans: Of the making of Amiga magazines there is no end

Next step in pirating: Faking a company - The New York Times: Well, another way to look at it was they decided to start their own electronics company and steal the name, rather than setting up some kind of shadow corporation

http://wiki.gp2x.org/wiki/Main_Page: All these little devices are so neat!

research!rsc: Computing History at Bell Labs: Useful for research for "The Man From A.R.P.A."

The History of Computer Chess: An AI Perspective: Just one of many videos from the Computer Museum

Acorn Electron World: Magazine Scans: ELECTRON USER: Say, I'm an electron user!

Table of Contents: The Best of Creative Computing Volume 3: "It's time for a National Computer Club"

Internet Archive: Details: Alan Kay: Doing with Images Makes Symbols Pt 1: It's Reading Rainbow! (It's also an early SNL skit.)

Eames' information machine - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics: Includes cute sight gag where holes are applied to punch cards with a saltshaker

BYTE.com: Byte for me as a teenager

Videos of Commodore 64 and PET Programs: Retro demos

bitsavers.org: Old primary documents

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRV_record: Client-side load balancing trick, imparted to me at the job interview. Awesome!

http://cmdrkey.com/cbm/geosinfo/geos.html: We don't think of all GUI applications as working "the same way" in any meaningful sense, but early on GUIs were perceived that way. Evolution of uniform interfaces.

Internet Archive: Computer Chronicles: Contemoraneous shows about old computers

O'Reilly Radar > Release 1.0: I've struck DATA GOLD!

ZaReason, Inc. : Hey Leonard, here's a source of prebuilt high-end Linux machines

HCM: The Home Computer Museum ...: Awesome!

LRB | Thomas Jones : Diary: I would love to see these program[me]s.

American Scientist Online - Where's the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing? : Computational illiteracy. Even some developers don't use version control (shiver). The marginal benefit of a single lesson in best practices is huge.

Virtual Apple 2 - Online disk archive: Comes with the Virtual Steve Wozniak seal of approval

COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY: SHOWS: "So, Steve, do you think the Greys or the Lizardoids are the greater threat to Earth?"

Gism Butter : From, it would appear, "body butter"

The Secret Weapons of Commodore!: I'm not really interested in the technology but the descriptions are a scream

The Structure and Function of Complex Networks: probably requires all that cs111 knowledge i forgot

Bob Jenkins' Web Site: "revised floorplan for the house i'm never going to build" - my kind of guy

Ascription is an anathema to any enthusiasm: The Five Roles of Identity: Properties of identity

Home Page -- Bob Bemer: R.I.P.

Welcome To Freedom Frog Funding: I just love the URL


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