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Creative Commons Science-Fiction [Feedbooks.com]: We'll add Thoughtcrime Experiments to this list, I hope

MediaBerkman » Blog Archive » Lewis Hyde on Ben Franklin and Intellectual Property: Downloaded this a long time ago, still haven't listened to it

Wired News: Camping Out for the Grokster Case: "At least, we'll have veto power over new technologies!" "Not so fast!" "Holy crap! It's SETH DAVID SCHOEN!"

Google DRM: Excellent overview

: Saving from seth:

I don't think anybody knows what a public domain dedication should actually look like. Cory Doctorow has been using the one written by Creative Commons, which tries hard to make sure the intent of the dedicator is clear. I periodically like to remind people that the Copyright Act itself does not contemplate any means of abandoning or destroying copyrights, so any sort of public domain dedication is a matter of lay people's or lawyer's intutions or wild surmise...


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