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http://danieltemkin.com/Entropy.aspx: I should rewrite Degeneracy in Entropy

Urinal by robmyers on Shapeways: Potentially the best thing. (This is a copy of the one in Duchamp's 1964 blueprint, not the original or the one in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.)

http://www.moreintelligentlife.com/content/art/artview/rogue-urinals: Interesting, but citation friggin needed.

Story Generator - TV Tropes : I guess it's concievable someone could use TV Tropes to *make progress* on their writing

The chess games of Marcel Duchamp: Live the adventure!

armory show 2008 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Quest For The Readymades

The Independent Gaming Source's Video Game Name Generator Competition: These are fun and constrained, thanks aparrish.

Examining Evidence: Did Duchamp simply use a photograph: Oh, this one they saw fit to reference in the Tate

indie rock pete (tecznotes): Big list o' generators

Yould: the smart name generator - YGingras.net: "thavery", "exhadent"

Etsy Garden » The Etsy Labs : Needs to merge with Happy Birthday Mike Leslie

aparrish@itp: MicroPoet 200: Adam, I'll write about this if you say it's ok

POLYORAMA: Adam, please do something and make this interesting (though the "circuit test" one is cool)

George W Bush Speechwriter: Hours of fun. "May God continue to must leave in 48 hours."

The Nietzsche Family Circus: Dee-lovely

Polygen: Casa: I think this is the Dada Engine, but it's all in Frankish

Number Stations: A book about numbers stations

P45.net - O-Matics - Recipe-O-Matic: Also not dada, more surreal, but excellent

Mixilator - The David Embury Random Cocktail Generator: Not-quite Dada Boozahol. Doesn't work for me.

Dada Maps: This one's pretty good

Digital Dada Library: How come all these French people wrote in French all the time?

Fake Name Generator: 1001 household uses. ALL-ONE! Dilute! Dilute! OK!

the random pokey the penguin generator: About five years too late, compadre

BNF generator: I really liked "Neutron Simulator"

Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds: From Adam P. I'm always a sucker for "ruin" as a verb.

TheCoolKids.Org :: Pop megahit song lyric generator: That's obscene.

Happy Software Prole » PRNGs and Groove Theory: Excellent link to rngtest program which will be perfect for my experiments.

regender: Perfect opportunity to use the Eater framework

Thesaurusizer: Exactly what I tried and gave up on for the Eater. From kevan

http://musicalgorithms.ewu.edu/: Looks like one of those "now you know what it's like to be colorblind" usability experiments

random juxtapositions of software : Die Hard meets Wikipedia

Chris Coyne.com CFDG - Context Free Design Grammar: This is actually cooler than the randomly generated papers thing

Wasting Precious Time - Welcome: Great! 5-Card Nancy with archive.org photos!

SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator : I love the random diagrams

Permutationen: Wait, can you use the text of finnegans wake without having to be furtive about it?

randomized PBF comic strip: turtle comedy gold

Brian Whitman: All this guy's stuff is great

Digital Dada Library: smash all pdf files!

RPG Host: Role-Playing games, Archives, Programs, Maps, Adventures, contests, hosting, and more!: Awesome and retro

Beard of Bees - Download Poetry By Gnoetry: The G better not stand for what it usually stands for

EXPERIMENTS: Secrets of hack poets--revealed! When will the Google poets discover the Eater of Meaning? Well Toph be the gateway?

0x800ccc0d: All that's missing is someone reading these numbers over the radio

hypsicephalic intrafusal wauner struttingly Sannoisian Inkerman quartzoid hemiscotosis flashproof convertingness slavelike bethought vignettist vanillery adieux lestobiotic archipelagian generalship unignominious squiredom dargue rosarium spermatism Prussify Sporotrichum relocation fixidity cull phantasmal hodden : See also next post


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