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http://designarchives.aiga.org/#/entries/NAsa/_/detail/relevance/asc/0/7/21332/nasa-graphic-standards-manual-and-applications/1: WOW

http://playthisthing.com/randomness-blight-or-bane: for Leonard

Web Illiteracy: How Much Is Your Fault? : Gus tells it like it is

On 1:1s :: dria.org: as rands says, you will always learn something during your 1:1. Prep work for the win. Richardson's format mirrors that of the liaison chats from the performance appraisal system I developed

John O’Duinn’s Soapbox » Unveiling Mozilla’s Faraday Cage: my t-shirt insta-drawers could be holding mobile phones for testing!

The Invisible Traceback: blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them) | Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009: "new contributor on-ramp pipeline is particularly tricky to debug; potential participants often struggle in silence"

Schneier on Security: New Police Computer System Impeding Arrests: When usability has chronic and serious effects

Nick Bradbury: Hit The Deck: Tasteful Ads in FeedDemon: me in the NewsGator adware discussion

Nina Paley: America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist » The Bright Side of the Dark Side of the Rainbow: Free Culture & RiffTrax startups would benefit from FLOSS audio/video synching apps

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - DIY d12 Handbag (of Holding): hmmmmm

soupablog: Franciscan Retreat Blogpost 2.01 - Friday June 6, 2008: Paul retreated - and treated me to a print design review

Epigrams on Programming: to read when I can grok them

Schneier on Security: The Security Mindset: A new profession for me?

Habemus Dialogum - We Have a Dialog : Things Blog : Cultured Code: Could it be that "this event is repeating" dialog boxes are a solved problem?

adaptive path » product experience strategy and design : researching the competition

Gomoll Research + Design: researching the competition

Same-Day Appointments: Exploding the Access Paradigm - September 2000 - Family Practice Management: sort of a GTD philosophy to eliminate weeks of waiting for doctor appointments

Krazy Kids Items - a photoset on Flickr: Classic dorky product design

NARA | The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription: Let's teach the US Declaration of Independence in English/Lit class, not just History. The brilliance of "let Facts be submitted to a candid world."

Bottomless Soup: lessons from directing. You're directing the audience('s attention). Pay attention to the unseen. Perspire over details. Yay databases and floor plans.

Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine - New York Times: Search for Buganizer (the internal Google bugtracker) and you get resumes from people who used to work at Google

Introduction To Digital Identity - Google Video: for use in considering approaches in electronic health/patient medical informatics records, but also cool on its own

Tiny Icon Factory: Face facts, folks: these things are cool. Except for the inevitable 13x13 vandalism. The vandalism actually reminds me of all those incredibly lame Super Mario Bros. ROM hacks.

Inc.com | Great Design? 11 Products Destined to be Kitschy: not the iPod shuffle!?

The Best Design Resources you can Clear in One Sitting - PhilRenaud.com: For those who are wondering, I'm clearing out bookmark groups from previous instances where I was too lazy or tired to delicious everything

"An e-newsletter offers an effective way": Seeming template for the CollabNet newsletter

OVERVIEW OF THE NATURE OF ORDER: Reading over this again it looks like Matthew Barney: The Book

The Work of Charles and Ray Eames (Library of Congress Exhibition): My heroes


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