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Chadwicks' Picture Place: Christmas Lasties: "Dear Santa: Dinosaurs"

Fuck Yeah, Dinosaur Art!: Not so fast.

Dinosaur's Journey to Wellness | Board Game | BoardGameGeek: "In Dinosaur's Journey to Wellness there are only winners"

JPL Small-Body Database Browser: The unkindest cut--naming an asteroid after a dinosaur.

Dinosaur Comics - March 23rd, 2011 - awesome fun times!: Cloaca jokes, I love 'em

EP277: Rejiggering the Thingamajig : Escape Pod: I dub this genre "gun-for-dinosaur-core".

http://uncommonhuman.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/funny-blockbuster-sign.jpg: Thanks, clickolinko. (Is that a soon-to-be-bankrupt Blockbuster housed in a former movie theater?)

http://www.fungift.ro/magazin-online-cadouri/Dino-fight-poza-t-P-n-Dino%20Fight%20barbat%20260.jpg: Cute drawing, but not quite what I'm looking for

MYDD! « Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week: Simulataneously more and less confrontational than "it works, bitches"

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalosaurus#.22Scrotum_humanum.22: Steven Colbert's favorite dinosaur

Antique Pictures from Books and Magazines: EARLY ANIMAL

Find Dinosaur Pictures - Illustrations of Dinosaurs - Dinosaurios - Dinosaur Art: Has stuff not on the site I'm about to delicious

Dinosaurs: The Natural History Museum's Dino Directory : Take a gamble at the 'Wheel of Body Shape'!

http://www.ai.sanu.ac.yu/~jsaric/phonecards/world/images_dinosaurs/singapore_dadasaur.jpg: another not as good

http://www.fluencyllc.com/advopath/MODCOR/MC5/MC5-DADASAURUS.gif: Not as good

http://www.qwantz.com/comics/comic2-464.png: J'aime des choses et d'autres choses!

Discovery Remote Control Pterodactyl -- Discovery Channel Store -- 689802: It doesn't fly! Therefore I deem it literally lame.

Netstat Manual Page: How to find what ports something's running on

Infinity Explorers -- Junior Pterodactyls Ambassador Program: Is it good or bad to be able to automatically turn kids into pterodactyls?


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