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Waterfall 2006 - International Conference on Sequential Development: Pretty funny

Peter Sandman column: Laundry List of 50 Outrage Reducers: The stakeholders will taste my steel!

THE TELECRAPPER 2000 TELEMARKETER INTERCEPTION SYSTEM: This has a *lot* of potential: script vs. script

Is that email SPAM?: Amazingly cynical

US Team Building | Events | Corporate Raiders: bastards stole our idea

Afterburner Leadership Seminars For Corporate Teambuilding: "we are an execution improvement company"

PC World | Tracking spam to its source: "People don't understand how the system works," the mortgage broker says. "We pay other people to spam you, and are thereby absolved of responsibility!"

Ad-Eliminator - Free Download: Give away the beard, sell the razor

Deception Detection: Science News Online, July 31, 2004: "People shading the truth... rarely backtrack to fill in forgotten or incorrect details." Is this right? If I were lying I would constantly be going back and patching up my story

Language: A Key Mechanism of Control : A fruitful and rightfully famous starting point

PR Leap - Accelerating Search Visibility for Press Releases - Beta: Actually this whole site is interesting in a car-wreck prweb kind of way

The 25 most difficult questions: From 1983 but still fresh (maybe?). Don't let your true opinions about things get in the way of the job of your dreams!

Sun: Open source Java will happen: Builder AU: Program: At Work: Passive voice "will be used":


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