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http://www.benjaminrosenbaum.com/blog/archives/2010_07.html#000831: " In the real world, the labor that the bored sysadmin contributes to Apache is surplus created by the hyperefficient operations of state-mediated market capitalism..."

Students Pay Services to Obtain Internships - NYTimes.com: remind me to never trust C. Mason Gates

Free the Slaves - Home : Bury The Chains, Part II

» Negative externalities aren’t: some thoughts on networks and ethics: Measure goodwill, not just as a catchall on the balance sheet, but as a force that magnifies or reduces the value of your communities. But even employees aren't on the balance sheet.

The Dissertation Office Deposit, Degree Conferral, Diplomas and Library Deposit: It costs nearly $100 more to file an open access dissertation than to file a traditionally copyrighted one. Why?

The Non-Work Side of the American Economic Association's Annual Meeting: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong's Webjournal: a.k.a. When Economists Convene

Cody's Books moving to smaller space: What the hell? Telegraph store shut down, 4th St store moving to Allston & Shattuck, near Other Change of Hobbit and the comics shop. Anirvan should be happy

Aberdeen Group:Successful PCI Compliance Initiatives: Who? How Much? By When?: In case you've just spent an hour trying to get some numbers on the cost of PCI DSS compliance

So Thats Why Its Called a PYRAMID SCHEME: I understand this much better than I did 2 years ago. Thanks, finance class!

Husband head in wife’s hand - The Telegraph: terrible story about the costs of making your family migrate

Jobs Abroad Support 'Model' State in India - New York Times: terrible story about the costs of not letting your family migrate

YouTube - Principles of economics, translated: Slides immune to Powerpoint Karaoke

YouTube - Chicken chicken chicken: Reminder: send to Nandini, Vinay, and other friends

Same-Day Appointments: Exploding the Access Paradigm - September 2000 - Family Practice Management: sort of a GTD philosophy to eliminate weeks of waiting for doctor appointments

In Nature's Casino: Michael Lewis: always awesome. Halfway through: "Wall Street is a machine for turning information nobody cares about into information people can get rich from."

http://mason.gmu.edu/~atabarro/PrivateProvision.pdf: Seth and Kragen are into it


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