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Reprint: Giving Thanks for the CC at Hugo Schwyzer: Community colleges for the win

Project Euler: to register

I've got the poorly written lab report blues || kuro5hin.org: Reading lab reports = reading slush.

xkcd - A Webcomic - 11th Grade: PAINFULLY true? including the title tag?! I comfort myself with knowing that I actually did learn a fair amount in the social and hard sciences that formed a foundation for later importance

DeCal : Frequently Asked Questions: "At DeCal we emphasize that students are facilitators and not teachers." Not in my day! I TAUGHT those classes with no faculty supervision, and I'm glad I had none.

The School of Mathematics: for Leonard?

DonorsChoose.org: Help Keep the School Newspaper in Print: Leonard, can we give?

A College Education Without Job Prospects - New York Times: absolutely and completely true, and harming thousands of promising people every year


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