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Anacrusis › Pearl: "Mallory" fan fiction?

The Elephant Forgets - Summary: Strange Horizons, 2009: "Even funnier" than Tim Pratt's story!

Short story reads like the first page of Snow Crash, recombined and awesome -- Leonard Richardson's "Mallory" - Boing Boing : Rave review

A Year in O'Reilly Books (2007): Apparently I'm a best seller

Snake, Rat, Pig: Cooking: Once again, piracy drives sales.

RiK0’s Tech Temple · Ruby Cookbook: review: Now in Italian

ONLamp.com: Testing Web Apps Effectively with twill: Tiny Beautiful Soup mention

volscian: My cousin is weird. Brilliant, but weir: Praise from Camilla

New Naturality of Artificial World: a Thread Spider Web : Toph is really into the eater huh

Koranteng's Toli: On Recommendation Systems: Apparently I live in the glue layer

littlefunkyhugs: Props to Louisa for this one...: I don't know, how bad would it be if I found it?

Blogs! Come and get yer blogs! Hot fresh blogs!: "Dark horse"

Paolo Massa Blog: Propagating Trust until I found gold: Ultra Gleeper: awesome

Wiley::Beginning Python : whee!

snarfed.org :: snipsnap-notfound: "real similarity matching heuristics"

New Media Hack: Richardson: UltraGleeper: i'm worried about 'better than random', but i have the instrumentation to see if it is

Mike Linksvayer » CodeCon Saturday: gleeper skeptic but receptive

Amikor az információ házhoz jön: Ultra Gleeper - Weblabor: What are they saying?

Richard P. Gabriel: quoted by the master of lisp puppets


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