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deborah: authorial intent: "yay equality" in the book, "except for you" online

Krystal Ball's New Statement About The Scandalous Photos Released Online | The Frisky: and she designs educational software!

Bitch Ph.D.: goodbye. *sniff* But deciding to end is better than never closing the parenthesis

Obama Administration Appoints Openly Transgender Woman to Dept. of Commerce | PEEK | AlterNet: Simpson's quote at the end makes me choke up & feel patriotic

The Limits Of Our Dialogue On Race And Beyond - Ta-Nehisi Coates : "It'd be as if our thoughts of sexism revolved strictly around honor-killings and rape. Perhaps they do."

http://www.amptoons.com/blog/archives/2009/06/16/why-not-to-use-the-word-lame-i-think-im-starting-to-get-it/#comment-365760: links to alternatives

Silence and the Word - Mohanraj: Such a good piece

Bitch Ph.D.: nice!

Timothy’s Turkish, but that hasn’t been mentioned either « By Erin Ptah: I should probably post and include this line

A Page about Freemasonry: Pointers: Masonry for Women: shoulda known

Bitch Ph.D.: If I had ever gotten into the makeup habit, this would be me.

Did You Hear the One About the Christian Comedian? - New York Times: A female comedian who's incontrovertibly making it. Thanks to YouTube, a supportive family, Christianity, and singing. How much like RLP?

Brutal Women: Bowling, Beer, & Brutal Women: "Now I have no idea what I want or who I am, because all I want to do is swill whiskey and fuck the night away and chain smoke and get on a plane to Marrakech... and then I realize I already did that, and it brought me here. "

Possets, Bottled Happiness: Indie perfume, recommended in Pandagon comments, perhaps more to my taste than Black Phoenix

Apple - Trailers - Protagonist - Trailer: I have to see this movie, maybe not as much as Hugo Schwyzer does


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