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Leticia (Pelotas, RS, Brazil)'s review of Constellation Games: Among my favorite CG reviews

HPLA - "A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson" by H. P. Lovecraft: Chilling!

Discussion on a possible interstellar polycultural setting: on a realistic milieu of extraterrestrials

Calvin & Hobbes fanfic (Teen Susie & Calvin slash): via vito_excalibur, and SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. Moving and sexy and aching.

DreadWhimsy.: hilarious

Macmillan: Voices From the Street: Philip K. Dick: Books : yet more Philip K. Dick! read the free excerpt!

Macmillan: Full Excerpt for Companion to Wolves: Books: Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette : Better than I thought fantasy fiction with "Wolves" in the title would be! and by Bear!

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness: Too bad it ends so abruptly, but HILARIOUS and written just right (and it's not slash!)

http://smilesawakeyou.livejournal.com/12256.html: Alternate universe fanfic where Vowell, Hodgman, Colbert, Seinfeld, Ferrell, et al. go to or teach at the same high school. Slash is breaking my mind.

Nanowrimo, Chicken Suit, Store Window, Not Harlan Ellison: Leonard, if you don't let me read "Vanilla" soon, I have an idea for the writing process for your next story

The Ivy of Self Sufficiency || kuro5hin.org: "I'm Sam, and my plant is fine."

designfax - Dec 99 - Trilogy Part III -Future of the World: Bruce Sterling's "User-Centric" includes "a basic cross-generational equity issue" and elvo

The Morning News - Part One by Kevin Fanning: A short, moving trilogy about the stranger you know, like that moment in Adaptation where Kaufman is in the elevator with Orlean


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