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Open Source for America | Resources: Open source in government: papers, policies, presentations, case studies, and other resources

Critique of the Living National Treasure (LNT) System, by Aoyama Wahei: OK, this explains a lot

public.resource.org Home Page : An excellent gateway hack.

WNYC - The Next Big Thing: On and On (August 12, 2005): Leonard, could we listen to the audio of the Josh Kornbluth excerpt together tonight?

NEWTITLE - New Titles: Much more usable version of the old Catalog of US Government Publications site. Which means I can't use it as a bad example anymore. Now only updated once a month though. It looks like the govt is putting video up on Google Video??

Inside the DEA, DEA Programs, Forensic Sciences, Microgram Bulletins: New ways of hiding drugs, including ludicrous implausible-deniability marijuana parody products, probably designed by the same people who do those stupid T-shirt and trucker hat designs

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP): Stop looking for this link, self! Here it is! (I think GPO stuff is PD, or near as makes no difference)

Gagging the Fuzz, Part 7 - An inauspicious ruling. By Timothy Noah: Good spotting of perverse incentives


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