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XRVG: Some call it Teh Awesome.

Two Bad Mice - Supplying High Quality cards from Contemporary Artists.: I bought "Hoping for a girl" in London in 2002 waiting for Susanna to have a baby. That's planning!

VisualIDs: Scenery for Data Worlds: Just dying to be made into a game's procedural content

Motivator: Inspire! Motivate! Mock!: look and feel

boxes - draws any kind of box around some given text: I want my text to be enclosed in a Nethack room!

I/O Brush: The World as the Palette: Great demo video

carto:net - scalable vector graphics : halfway through the paper, the point shows up, panting and holding a suitcase

RAA - supershape: With this tool we can enumerate _every possibly species of sea urchin_!

Icon Design by David Vignoni : icon king v2 >> goodies: Supposedly good icons, according to commenter on Ian's weblog

Open Clip Art Library :: openclipart.org: I could make a game w/these graphics if I were crazy enough. (I probably am)

pymorph Morphology Toolbox V0.8 01Aug03: now no one can stop me from grading potato quality!

http://www.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/%7Emorph/: i thought i would get superpowers too, but no

United States Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-21: i love me images

xdesktopwaves: luverly

xdesktopwaves: luverly

Classroom Clipart : Free Clipart, clip art Illustrations and Photographs: Clip art and save


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