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BootlegGames Wiki: For the bootleg lover in you

Romhacking.net - News Archive: Sounds cool, but I don't think I want to put the time into an Earthbound replay to experience some satire.

Android barcode scanner in 6 lines of Python code: "go silent when screen is down" sounds awesome

Hivelogic - An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation: Step n to Leonard & me turning insufferable

http://www.theartofthepossible.net/2008/07/24/labor-struggle-in-a-free-market/: "And I believe that when workers fully realize the potential of the incomplete labor contract, and become as willing to exploit it as the bosses have all these years, we’ll mop the floor with their asses. And we can do it in a free market, without any “help” from the NLRB. Let the bosses beg for help."

http://www.stimuluswatch.org/home/faqs: awesome!

youcanhelp [Bkrpr Wiki] : Another reason to learn Python

The Echo Nest Blog: cool

Daisy main page: for when soldering is an option

Installing and using MythTV: Using MythTV.: yay, closed captioning & autoskip of entire commercial breaks

Big SoundFonts: Improve the quality of *your* midi experience!

http://www.faser.net/mab/chrome/content/mab.xul: Wow, this is really fast.

The web is a fuzz test: patch your browser and your web server: sing to the tune of "the world is a vampire"

ACM Queue - A Conversation with Jarod Jenson: Tales from the trenches with a former Enron performance guru: DTrace-using performance ninja speaks

tatara: Starting my day off reading about something this awesome has either megamotivated or tremendously demotivated me to study.

} I: A gallery of Mario hacks

Same-Day Appointments: Exploding the Access Paradigm - September 2000 - Family Practice Management: sort of a GTD philosophy to eliminate weeks of waiting for doctor appointments

YouTube RSS Feeds: since YouTube doesn't seem to have RSS autodiscovery - here's how to hand-hack the URLs to get Democracy Player/Miro-friendly vodcast channels

Free Mother's Day Copilot, and IE7/Vista Ponderings: Father's Day, Copilot is free again - collaborate with family to surf, organize photos, or kill spyware

http://www.usenix.org/events/hotbots07/tech/full_papers/provos/provos.pdf: "The Ghost in the Browser: Analysis of Web-based Malware"

Working Assets Wireless: Working Assets does cell phone service as a frontend to Sprint

THE AD GENERATOR: a good companion to Kevan's slogan recombinator

Brown Bobby: making a "greaseless" doughnut in a waffle iron

Bread and Circuits » Blog Archive » Open Source, pre-1945: "I was finally able to tell [my grandmother] what I do: I take things that were never meant to go together and work with them until they fit, patiently refusing to give up...."

Tetsubo Productions - Wherein It Is More of the Same: MST3K/UMDS comics remix of tiresome Civil War epic

Mixing Memory: Gender, Math, Stereotype Threat, and Testosterone: one result: if you think you'll do badly because of stereotype activation, you're more likely to handicap yourself via procrastination, etc.

What Does 200 Calories Look Like?: rawr rawr rawr?

The Standalone Programmer: Tips from the trenches: know your enemy! set goals and review progress!

Filling a Much-Needed Void - : flu kit tips

Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits: huh, using grep instead of cat for wc

Lab worker found guilty of murder in acid vat trial: chloroform, a stun gun, and a vat of acid

Surprise: Not-so-glamorous conservation works best | csmonitor.com: Leonard! What can we do to get audited by Con Ed?

Wikipedia: Once a month cooking (OAMC) (reddit.com) : linking to reddit instead of wp because train station comment is hilarious

The Joel on Software Discussion Group - Non-Linksys firmware for Linksys router fixed my problems!: "Not only does my phone work now (and it sounds great), but my internet connection seems a lot faster!"

The RHEOLISM Web Page: Pointless activities-- together at last!


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