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"Clever Title: City Name + Time Frame" = nonfiction delight | Ask MetaFilter: for Leonard

Connected Histories project plan: "All code and technical developments generated by the project will be available as an Open Source, and governed by a Creative Commons Licence." Also, source control referred to in one place as CVS and in another as Subversion

http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/03/12/the_history_of_the_honey_trap: poor Mata Hari! (her last name had always made me think she was Indian)

http://gwolf.org/blog/toast-turing: to Turing

Academic Earth - The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877: I've heard great things about these lectures

Hark, a vagrant archive: Yay! Kate Beaton has archives by category!!!!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilmington_Insurrection_of_1898: my blood runs cold

http://beatonna.livejournal.com/82660.html: Rami from Project Runway, witness Kate Beaton's draperie

Ancient Geeks' Dies: gotta tell Hal and Adi about this

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyatlov_Pass_incident: As the SF Chron article asks: how creepy do you want it?

Catfishing - Dutch philosophers and Dutch educationists?: I had no idea

Palonis, Estelle V. English (ca 8-45) [13 l.] [re language problems]: "Particularly in the Social Sciences, it was difficult to counteract the obvious fact that we had not abided by the rules of the game in our treatment of the Nisei."

BBC - WW2 People's War - A Woman Doctor (Part One): a five-part recollection of a British woman who worked in military medicine in WWII - hilarious

http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_Tryst_with_Destiny: worth considering: what is the Indian idea, akin to the American idea?

http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Keep_Moving_From_This_Mountain: MLK, Kerala, and untouchables

Bruce Sterling, "Computer Entertainment," Flurb #6: to read

History of NYC's internet community by Fred Wilson. - Boing Boing : To watch

Loving Day: Celebrate the Legalization of Interracial Couples: Need to check out for more AWWW stories

[UCLA-LUG] open source jobs at collab.net: This was how I got my first job.

research!rsc: Computing History at Bell Labs: Useful for research for "The Man From A.R.P.A."

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Eugenic Marriage, Vol. 2, by W. Grant Hague, M. D. : Need some creepiness? Here you go!

Hidden Palace - News: Like Golden Palace, except awesome instead of incredibly aggravating.

Pg.7, Index . "Fearsome Creature of the Lumberwoods": Monster Manual

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin: Weird possibly bogus license

As We May Think: At last, a legit copy online

Galileo and Einstein: Lecture Index: "How practical are Babylonian weights and measures?"

YouTube - Square One TV: 8% Of My Love: creepy or wholesome in its sanguine "Here's how much I'll commit to you" calculation; a modern band should cover this

YouTube - Mathman Glitch Decimals greater than 1: YouTube comments on the Square One TV vids are already impassioned, but the ones for this clip show incredible anger

YouTube - The Web That Wasn't: for Leonard: Alex Wright on the heritage of the web

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Sceptical Chymist, by Robert Boyle: Chemistry? Pull the other one!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Korolev: Background for "The Man From ARPA"

The History of Computer Chess: An AI Perspective: Just one of many videos from the Computer Museum

Table of Contents: The Best of Creative Computing Volume 3: "It's time for a National Computer Club"

Internet Archive: Details: Alan Kay: Doing with Images Makes Symbols Pt 1: It's Reading Rainbow! (It's also an early SNL skit.)

The Dot Eaters - Classic Video Game History: They defied the law of dots!

O'Reilly Radar > Release 1.0: I've struck DATA GOLD!

Living With a Computer: "IBM will wage a counteroffensive with a DOS of its own."

NARA | The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription: Let's teach the US Declaration of Independence in English/Lit class, not just History. The brilliance of "let Facts be submitted to a candid world."

History News Network: Top Young Historians: Is Jason Sokol the son of Jonathan Sokol?

Medieval Legends: Awesome old stories

Xooglers: Here's your desk. Now start doing marketing stuff.: "I suffered from what Sergey would often describe as a "big company attitude" that led me to expect rules and process and clearly defined areas of responsibility."

Chistory : "The late 1960s were a turbulent era for computer systems research at Bell Telephone Laboratories."

Crooked Timber » » Trees, flowers, mountains, stones: Fascinating surname history from around the world; includes insulting names purposely chosen to inconvenience tax collectors

Hut 8, Naval Intelligence, Alan Turing's Hut on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Can't you see I'm BUSY IN THE HUT

: Another old address: 10966 Roebling Ave #10A, 90024

: 2000 address: 415 gayley #12, 90034

Writers Dreamtools - Decades - 1650: The notion of identifying "bad guys" seems pretty arbitrary, but a tour de force nonetheless

Listology: "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die": "Here is the list you requested". I count 69 of these read, 22 owned but not read, 8 on wishlist

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decembrist_Revolt: Pro-democracy activists: be careful about chanting "Constitution" if your autocratic ruler's name is easy to mistake for "Constitution"

Ask reddit: I plan to travel back to the 1400s. Any advice on how to recreate the Internet? :-) (reddit.com) : Ted Stevens jokes and temporal mechanics

WHAT PEOPLE SAID ABOUT BOOKS IN 1498: Menocchio, the Lyndon LaRouche/Camille Paglia/David Icke of 1500s Italy, and William Caxton, who scratched his own itch

Cool Tool: Diagramatic Chart of World History: a prettier and Frenchier alternative to the histomap?

Cool Tool: Histomap of World History: to replace the Time/Life Hammond Ultimate Civilization chart between the pirate flag and the "I'D RATHER BE SMASHING IMPERIALISM" bumper sticker

Classic Texts in Computer Science: Collect them all

The Other World: Table of Contents: Cyrano de Bergerac was a real person, and he wrote a book about travel to the moon.

The rain miracle: Not related to my current obsession

Outlaws of the Marsh: A Somewhat Less Than Critical Commentary : From Andrew Leonard's weblog. There must be a free translation online; who can find it?

History of role-playing: A gopher gem found while doing book work

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PLATO: Not related, but interesting

Oldenburg Archie Gateway: October 1993, huh

Index of /History: There's more where that came from

The original proposal of the WWW, HTMLized: I'd never seen this before yesterday -- name-checks Colossal Cave. "[Copyright enforcement and data security] are of secondary importance at CERN, where information exchange is still more important than secrecy."

http://web.mit.edu/6.933/www/Fall2000/infocom/start.html: Good analysis, with interviews

The Food Timeline: Still great

China History Forum, online chinese history forum (Powered by Invision Power Board): "Imperial rules and guidelines"

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_subcultures_in_the_20th_century: pick your poison

Pepys' Diary: Monday 3 February 1661/62: they sure lived it up

Pepys' Diary: Thursday 16 January 1661/62: "Oh well..."

A Critical History of Electronic Games - FrontPage: good show, old chap

http://www.gutenberg.net/dirs/1/4/1/4/14146/14146-8.txt: Postwar Punch

Map History / History of Cartography - Homepage: history *of* maps! bliss!

Archived: Helping Your Child Learn History: Introduction: "Imagine waking up one morning to find out that you have no memory! Yes, you have become an interactive fiction protagonist!"

History of Games: inc list of references to backgammon-like games in literature

http://www.gutenberg.net/dirs/1/0/1/3/10136/10136-8.txt: RPG rulebook for Victorian england

Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners: Excellent! Now I just need Byzantium!

http://www.gutenberg.net/dirs/1/3/1/4/13144/13144-8.txt: "Medieval People"

Home Page -- Bob Bemer: R.I.P.

The Great Curly Brace Trace Chase: He's so modest!

The History Carper -- Primary Source Documents, Histories, and Stories: primary sources galore


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