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https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/661527: Trying this workaround and deliciousing the bug in case it backfires

Lustlab: Control Tower: Dirty Talk: NSFW. rel: a friend's "VERB my NOUN" pattern; also see http://www.crummy.com/graphics/screenshots/newsbruiser/trackback-spam.png

Getting involved with Mozilla | Dysfunctional Programming: tips on getting up to speed with a new source tree

The Invisible Traceback: blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them) | Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009: "new contributor on-ramp pipeline is particularly tricky to debug; potential participants often struggle in silence"

Protect yourself: get a free credit report: free credit reports, freezes, fraud alerts, etc.

» MythTV - DevChix - Blog Archive : the article that got Leonard over the hump and building a PVR

YAGCC - UK references: Britain as Unix. "If solving puzzles written before 1971..."

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Carpentry for Boys by J. S. Zerbe : For the childhood I never had (nb. as opposed to the childhood I did have)

Thing Worth Knowing: Wouldn't you be wearing mourning colors more or less constantly back then?

How Products Are Made: Bad navigation, good information

Enquire Within Upon Everything by Anonymous - Project Gutenberg: Truly excellent (via Kevan)

eG Forums -> Index of eGCI Courses: Inc. lowbrow "drive-in cooking" course

http://tom.bbcity.co.uk/notcon/dannyobrien.txt: I forgot to make danny give me this talk so i could write it down properly

mezzoblue  §  Standards Resources for Beginners: "use discretion"

English.BuildingWithoutHelper - Debian Women: i guess i should take over rfk

Cascading Style Cheatsheet: fine, i'll file you, just get out of my browser

Interactive TiVo Upgrade: One of your more complicated productl ines

Welcome to eHow.com How things get done: The faq for your life


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