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Noelios » Restlet 1.0 beta 15 released: A REST framework for Java

The Apache Derby Project: Looks pretty cool if you're into java

.:: Java For U.com ::.: A similar construction to "Linux For You"

MF Bliki: DebianJava: How to

MF Bliki: DebianJava: How to

The J2EE(TM) 1.4 Tutorial: "Today, more and more developers want to write distributed transactional applications for the enterprise and thereby leverage the speed, security, and reliability of server-side technology." Why yes, that's me to a tee!

Chapter 9. Manipulating Persistent Data: This is the actualy useful chapter.

Chapter 4. Persistent Classes: "Most Java applications require a persistent class representing felines." That's been my experience!

Sun: Open source Java will happen: Builder AU: Program: At Work: Passive voice "will be used":


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