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Jobs, News, Emerging Growth Companies, Startups, Venture Capital, Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin: recommended by CCarrick

http://www.pe-international.com: recommended by CCarrick

http://www.thetus.com/opportunities.html: Sharon recommended I take a look

Galatea Associates, LLC — Careers: recommended by a Syster

Head Hunters: Makes me want to be a good recruiter to drive out some of the crap

Presidential Management Fellows Program: The application start date for applying to the PMF Class of 2008 is expected to be on or around September 1, 2007.

Gardner Fellowship Opportunities: If you're trying to articulate the breadth of the public/independent/nonprofit sector, here's a glimpse

Metaweb Technologies, Inc : Jobs : Interdisciplinary Toolsmith: one of the cooler job opening descriptions I've seen

jobs.joelonsoftware.com : While I'm at it

Search jobs, talk about work, and kick-start your career | Jobster: Another such place

CrunchBoard - The Job Board for the Tech Industry: One place to look if I ever want a programming job again.

Google Adjusts Hiring Process As Needs Grow - WSJ.com: I need to time my entrance onto the job market so that I'm leaving Fog Creek just as Google's standards are lowest

Web UI Developer - OSAF Job at Open Source Applications Foundation: OSAF Web UI Developer opening

Jobs.Rubynow.com: index: Run into town on Rails


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