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http://fffff.at/free-universal-construction-kit/: FUCK, yeah.

Twitter: Annoying!

Opalite Class H-17 Cargo Freighter | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Shipping containers.

rover1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Cute.

http://www.brothers-brick.com/2010/09/18/color-attack/: Rawr!

Relativity on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: Very clever.

Graduation gifts | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog: Cute.

Anacrusis › Pearl: "Mallory" fan fiction?

AFOL: A Blocumentary by Jess Gibson | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog: A good way to spend a run.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/ochre_jelly/4299323531/in/photostream/: ♪ To-to-ro in Le-go ♪

Stefan’s micro Star Trek fleet is ready to make first contact with the Borg | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog: Oh yeah.

greg.org: the making of: Lego City Of The Future, By Norman Mailer & Friends: I'm bomfuzgled!

Why We Banned Legos - Volume 21 No. 2 - Winter 2006 - Rethinking Schools Online: Wow. I don't even know what to say about this, except that the power to unilaterally take away the Legos and revert to a Rawlsian preexistence is not called out as such. I'm assuming this was on Digg or something because it's been delicioused so many times.

Brick Fetish: Oh man, so detailed.

BrickArms : Molded click-brick weapons

50 Years of LEGO: Nine Sets I Have Known and Loved - Boing Boing Gadgets : Wow, I had 6 of these. Update: No, I had 5 and coveted one so badly it now feels like I had it.

ROBLOX : Is this fun?

Brickfactory: Damn, I'm tired.

Brickshelf Gallery: This is more or less the thing I built when I was 11. (I wonder if there are pictures of that, actually)

BrickJournal - the magazine for Adult Fans of LEGO: Research for TSM (which, incidentally, is now called 'Mallory')

The Great Ball Contraption: Together at last! For the first time I'm happy about the Cambrian explosion of lego brick designs

BrickLink - The Unofficial Online LEGO Marketplace: At last I can obtain that white-suit spaceman that has eluded me for years (though all the specimens on offer seem of poor quality)

http://www.blockland.us/blockland/i: looks delightful

Lego Fantasy Roleplaying Game: two great tastes, a la Claydonia: "When the Lego People use their cute little weapons to harm each other." (from kevan)

Per Arne Rikvold. LEGO engine.: i'm stealing this graphic for my talk, so it's only fair to link to it

BlockoFighter Homepage: way to avoid infringement

The Goldfish Online: neet, as manoj might say

Everything Bley?: They messed up grey? Not surprising

2004 WWDC, SIGGRAPH, and BrickFest animation : supposedly really cool

LeoCAD for Linux: Maybe this will finally get me over my fear of 3-d interfaces and let me play games like halo with my peers

Install LDGLite for Debian/GNU Linux :: LDraw.org :: The Central Site for the LDraw Family of LEGO CAD Software: debian makes it e-z

El Lutzo's Town Creations: Lament for the builders: "When I was a child, a car had about 30-40 parts (the smallest ones), and were a task to assemble, and fun also. Today there is no fun in a 1997 town set."

El Lutzo's LGEO POV-Ray Library: Lego + POV

Brickshelf Gallery: What's its function?

Brickshelf Gallery: This train is bound for Gorey, this train.

LDraw.org :: The Central Site for the LDraw Family of LEGO CAD Software: They're pretty serious--SIGGRAPH sessions and the like.

Parts index: 7000 distinct Lego pieces, 3000 Lego kits


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