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NutraIngredients: "Point-of-sale individualized foods" from New Zealand

Institute of Food Technologists: Solid gold. Includes article on flavor enhancers which includes the phrase "the redesigning of the soybean"

Liti Holographics - 3D holograms for a 3D world: Kris wants me to look at this, so I will

Foams on the Cutting Edge : This and the last one from Viridian

SensAble Technologies – : Haptic interface

Sell professional quality Audio and Data CDs: Soon they'll do custom 3d printing for you

IHT: Computer carves a chip off the old block: Of *course* the things we value now will still be valued when doing without them will cost three orders of magnitude less.

NAICS: Product Class Structure for Manufacturing: Still the coolest list in the world

Homepage: Real life Redacto

Senba USA Home: These guys did the alcohol powder. I wish I could read their Japanese site.

Home Page - VersaLaser: Consumer-level (barely) 3D printer is here.


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