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http://www.bigmapblog.com/2012/happy-birthday-usgs-topo-standards-and-specs/: how to format maps

National Geographic Magazine - NGM.com: Map that bastard!

281 - Holmes, Sweet Holmes: A Floorplan of 221B Baker Street « Strange Maps: Fun.

Google Static Maps API - Google Code: It's almost like... a set of resources!

Back on the Map: January 27 - May 4 2008, Queens Museum of Art: I've peeked at what's left of this map and it's in sorry shape.

USGS Astrogeology: Moon: Only _why could bring you cool maps of the MOON.

Blank map, Printable world map, Blank world map ALL FREE: It's probably unfortunate that I saw this and thought "I have a printer now! I could PRINT these maps!"

Ancient World Mapping Center: When Leonard's obsessions collide.

FeatureServer: REST and maps... in the hands of domain experts!

Bottomless Soup: lessons from directing. You're directing the audience('s attention). Pay attention to the unseen. Perspire over details. Yay databases and floor plans.

GeoCommons: More map stuff

TileCache, from MetaCarta Labs: Your own map server

Your Sky: I tried this and it just gave me a luminescent brown smudge

Planetographic Coordinates: If you're wondering where I got that thing about Jupiter's prime meridian in the REST book, this is where

91 - Early 20th Century Balkan Aspirations « strange maps: Rachel deems it "cool"

http://brail.org/transit/nyc.html: Great subway path finder

Aviation Formulary V1.43: Very lucid explanations (via mike loukides)

NEAR image of the day for 2000 Jun 1: Latitude and longitude on nonspherical objects--explained!

Space Syntax - London Pedestrian Routemap: "Culture name 'us' is not supported." Use during vacation.

Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization: 1655: Self-reference is invented

: REST Is about avoiding implicit or unnamed state. resource state is named by URIs

Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!: Very nice

OpenStreetMap: I'm intrigued by this plucky service

Technophilia: Top ten (non-Google) map innovations - Lifehacker: the internet doesn't erase geography, just makes it cooler, more transparent, and more flexible

Cool Tool: Diagramatic Chart of World History: a prettier and Frenchier alternative to the histomap?

Cool Tool: Histomap of World History: to replace the Time/Life Hammond Ultimate Civilization chart between the pirate flag and the "I'D RATHER BE SMASHING IMPERIALISM" bumper sticker

Multimap API v1.1 : Introduction: To inspect

Simple Analysis of Google Map and Satellite Tiles - An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki: I need to fix Dada Maps

Using Google Maps to Show Geocaches | DASNET: Together at last!

Dada Maps: This one's pretty good

COSMOS SkyWalker: Something about the Google Maps-style dragging interface triggered the "Oh shit, oh shit, those are _galaxies_!" reaction in me.

Directory of 2,667,417 cities in world | Geography Population Map City and cities coordinates location: _So_ looks like a spam page, but isn't

: Google maps key: ABQIAAAAf0zHDUdV4rDyb7ZrDQvh_hQtg4wlmdXbBy0kmHQnX9W6ROgRPxRQ4Lk0TIkYsAGfHbc8CgsrOIkOAw

Digital Librarian: Images : Lots of maps and pictures

MetaCarta Labs: GeoParser API: yes so awesome

zefrank.com :: if the earth were a sandwich : find the opposite tool: I think I posted something like this before, but this is better

Palaeos Paleozoic : Cambrian : Early Cambrian: Time maps

An Atlas of The Universe: Posters, I demand posters!

Gallery — UMN MapServer : A list of maps!

Country visitedness map: Pathetic

Current state visitedness map: Post-MA vacation(needs color-coding representing time spent in each state)

New Map Resources - ODT: I really like Pacific-centered maps

Gutenkarte » Book Catalog : Buggy but a great idea (also thinks Gaul is in india)

http://www.digtootherside.cjb.net/: Another thing I don't have to write (caution: pop-ups that somehow elude Firefox)

USGS Real-Time Data for the Nation: NO idea what to use it for, but it's a map

Via Virtual Earth - Homepage : A-three

Gmaps Pedometer: I resisted deliciousing this until I discovered that it's very useful for determining 'as the crow flies' distances

GamesOnGoogleMaps - Trust Metrics Evaluation Project: games + maps + paolo = fun

Documentation for Yahoo! Maps Web Services: A-two

Google Maps API: A-one

Google Map Hack for Large Maps : I'm still excited about the quality of the new satellite maps

Google Maps: I think I found the black pit of doom

Libre Map Project - Free Maps and GIS data: Not to be confused with the Free State Project, because, well...

Atlas of the Biosphere: Mapping the Biosphere: Just like Quiet Riot did

Seamless Data Distribution System: elevation!

Great Circle Mapper: MAPS

http://datenmafia.org/gpstron/index-english.php: name makes me suspect it's perl, but it's actually java

Oklo Fossil Reactors: I remember reading about this in one of those cartoon-ridden big books of science. I believe there was a cartoon of confused, presumably radiation-poisoned dinosaurs.

Dungeon Generator: I know I bookmarked this already, but what the heck

Jon Udell: Google Maps is a web of linked XML documents: investigate when not freaking exhausted

http://skyserver.sdss.org/dr1/en SDSS SkyServer: I see Section 31 has been hard at work

World Wind Hotspots - Recently Submitted Hotspots: What's going on here? Must investigate

geodata.gov: coming soon: dada data (i have no idea what that means!)

Planetary Icosahedrons: coming soon: the world game for other planets

NASA World Wind: reinforcing the public perception that "features" are equivalent to "lucky charms cereal" (from yoz)

socialfiction.org: carthographic sadism. gabber avant-gardism. disco socialism. : this is indeed cool (via yoz)

http://www.sigalert.com/map.asp?Region=Bay+Area: This is awesome (from Kris)

Map History / History of Cartography - Homepage: history *of* maps! bliss!

Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data: in case i don't have it already

Map Bureau-- geotag now!: now, dammit!

Download Files from the Hillis/Bull Lab: Phylogeny trees mapped onto a circle

geocoder.us: a free US address geocoder: Very handy

The Global Puzzle: I wonder if there are 600 pieces because all the islands of eg. Japan have their own pieces

Geosphere: Rotatable earth in a Java applet

FreeCiv: Includes tectonic plate map-making simulation

http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ausgs.gov+%22on+demand%22: Map madness

USGS Geography Product Lists, Price Lists, Order Forms, and Address Lists About Mapping and Related Subjects: get yer maps

Map Projections Poster: I want this poster! Also there's probably some Arrow's theorem that proves you can't have all 4 desirable properties of maps

Official GRASS GIS Homepage - The World Leading Free Software GIS: Whee!

http://www.cs.washington.edu/ai/Mobile_Robotics/postscripts/gps-aaai-04.pdf: Someone implements another idea of mine before I can even learn enough about the domain

GPSTk, the GPS Toolkit: My GPS will kick your GPS' ass (if I had a GPS)

ROMA: Now it needs MapQuest type directions

Xconq Home Page: How did I go so long without seeing this?!


Map of the Ice Age World 180x90: My Indonesia hypothesis: vindicated!

FreeCiv Maps: Love the "Artificial Maps" (and see forthcoming entry)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: If only I could actually use this, it would be awesome!

Nearly-Live Planetary Desktop Backgrounds : The earth in approximately real-time

What The World May Come To: Has 1-mile sea level drop map which confirms my big-southeast-asian-land-grab hypothesis (from kevan)

http://www.cosmography.com/catalog/03-06/03-06_maps.htm: from "the world" image search

MOTCO - Preston Blake Collection: The barber from ST:TNG started a map business.


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