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Guidelines: JJA's new mag

http://www.ac-mag.com/submission.html: Another market

Escape Velocity - The Magazine of Science Fact and Fiction: Leonard, to consider

http://www.inkoinkinc.com/: good pay rate, 5k word limit

http://prestostrangeo.wordpress.com/submission-guidelines/: Another fun-sounding one, terrible rates though

Brain Harvest » Submit: Fun attitude, but their story length is much shorter than what I write

http://shineanthology.wordpress.com/outshine-submission-guidelines/: I guess I can submit stuff here instead of using it as a Crummy title

Paper Golem: Novellas solicited

Writers Markets for Speculative Fiction: SF/F/H's Journal: I couldn't find this because I (and others in my writing group) thought it was "specificmarkets"

Duotrope's Digest (A Resource for Fiction Writers & Poets): Slice-dicable market list

Ralan's Webstravaganza - Ralan.com: Market list #1


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