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Visit Us : Material science library

Inventables: Find new materials: Posted on BoogaBooga, it's Doctor-iffic

MAKE: Blog: A low impact woodland home: Dude is a HOBBIT

How Products Are Made: Bad navigation, good information

One Bag: The Packing List: Against cotton socks

Giant Squids by Jacob Berendes (at the Dirt Palace): Kevan and Jake -- together at last

Liquid Magic Wall Magnetic Paint - Science Gifts - Edmund Scientifics: Today I'm all gee-whiz about everything!

How to make chalkboard paint: Amazing!

TRANSSTUDIO: Free download

Modern, modular carpet tiles and area rugs for Do-It-Yourself ease - InterfaceFLOR: Pixelated floor

Foams on the Cutting Edge : This and the last one from Viridian


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