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OMACL: Heimskringla: Hal-endorsed

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Bibliomania in The Middle Ages, by F. Somner Merryweather : I think it was spread by rats

The Medieval Bestiary: But where does it show their hit dice?

http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1717/1584/1600/seite_3v.jpg: The first Penny Arcade strip ever (via BibliOdyssey)

http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1717/1584/1600/Morgan%20Tarasque%20a.jpg: Tarasque picture. I call this one "Do de do de do"

Introduction to Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts: Everything is illuminated

Welcome to Gode Cookery: I really think we need to bring the spirit of the middle ages to modern haute cuisine.

Gloning : These old feudal recipes are hilarious: "Hmm, what's--holy crap it's a HUGE EGG!" Cook (from behind kitchen door): "Yess!!"

The Domesday Book - Medieval Demographics Made Easy: "20 Furriers"

http://www.gutenberg.net/dirs/1/4/0/3/14031/14031.txt: more erasmus

Some “species” of medieval monster: Blemmye go!

Medieval & Renaissance Games: "Your question belies a misunderstanding of the social construction of childhood."

Historical Fiction - How do medieval-themed restaurants get it wrong? By Mark Schatzker: So why did they have so much leftover inedible bread all the time that they could use it as plates? It makes no sense!

Conqueror! Turn-Based Strategy Game: Looks great, requires Shockwave (?)

CastleMagic Castle Builders: Unfortunately prices are not listed in gold pieces as in AD&D.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE) : Good chunk of medieval stuff

The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE) : Maybe this time I can spell "medieval" correctly


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