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http://www.ippudony.com/menu.php: Sounds great

nerd • Index page: To get into when I have more free time

The 101 Best Sandwiches in New York -- Grub Street New York: Apparently I'm never going to get through this list, since they decided to do one friggin sandwich per page

Full List of Talks | HOPE: Totally going.

Tasting Tour: Eating on the Go in NYC | Serious Eats: Good advice for tourists

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floyd_Bennett_Field: I am posting three campgrounds in descending order of accessibility

Artistic New Directions - Calendar: "Boxers," starring a guy I met on the subway last night, is on the 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, & 28th of March 2010

Alien Loves Predator » Please Swipe Again: Here's the other one, so you don't think I'm crazy. (Or, so you do.)

Alien Loves Predator » Resistance is Worthwhile: Yeah, pander to New Yorkers, that's the stuff. (cf. YOUR MOM LIKES IT ROUGH... FROM THIS TURNSTILE)

Joey in Astoria: Attention Veggies - Ornella's Got What You Need!: Sounds delicious

VIVA VENA CAVA: SPA CASTLE: Karl and Winnie gave us a gift certificate for this place, which turns out to be much much weirder than I thought.

RIGHTRIDES PROGRAMS: I had no idea I was eligible for this!

She's Geeky East: Dec 5-7 2008, NYC - DevChix - Blog Archive: Can I go to this neat local unconference?

Fact Sheet #4 - Lease Renewal in Rent Stabilized Apartments: rules on lease renewal

http://www.housingnyc.com/html/resources/attygenguide.html#2: lease renewal

http://www.housingnyc.com/html/resources/faq/misc.html#parking: whether a building is rent stabilized

Personality Plus: A Twin Takes Over - New York Times: YAY Elisa for a NYT writeup! Hmmm, she's been in Met Diary a bunch of times, and her wedding announcement made it in too..

The New York Public Library, The Branch Libraries: frickin' DRM'd ebooks, etc. at NYC Public Library

Dear Diary - New York Times: "Where are you visiting from?" as the worst unintentional slur for a born New Yorker, and smiling at waitstaff as the culprit

Taste of The New York Subway: This is really the most excellent presentation of data ever devised

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - Location and Hours: at this time we have unconfirmed reports that this establishment is low, high, and middlebrow simultaneously

il laboratorio del gelato: nyc ice cream

The Cornelia Street Cafe 2006: Sunday night biology talks at an NYC cafe

Calendar: Litscape - plays, readings, etc in NYC

New York Brain Terrain: NYC literary events

Cogitations: Where to Eat in New York City?: ripped off from Delta's in-flight mag; craving buttermilk doughnuts


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