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HowTo: Mozilla Popcorn Learning Lab | Michelle Thorne: HOWTOs, yay

Open Source for America | Resources: Open source in government: papers, policies, presentations, case studies, and other resources

proposed tech conference anti-harassment policy: Wikimedia Foundation works towards adding an anti-harassment policy for technical events and discussion goes pretty well

http://fivefilters.org/content-only/: reminds me of http://www.harihareswara.net/sumana/2010/01/30/0

a schemer at jsconf.eu -- wingolog: a male attendee at a conference expresses discomfort with sexuality-related elements of the conference

Conversation - Identi.ca: discussion/flamewar on Identi.ca over the alleged demerits of the GNOME Women's Outreach Program (according to its detractors, it's sexist)

http://eaves.ca/2011/04/07/developing-community-management-metrics-and-tools-for-mozilla/: Mozilla's building a community stats dashboard too.

Project Dash - Dashboard Queries: Eclipse's dashboard of statistics regarding community activity

Open Source Community Metrics « Fast Wonder: Online Community Management: Dawn Foster's opensourcebridge presentation on collecting & analyzing statistics from FLOSS projects - check out MLStats & irssistats

FOSDEM: Mapping WikiLeaks using open-source tools [LWN.net]: possibly the only time WikiLeaks & Beautiful Soup will appear in proximity

http://www.slideshare.net/mchua/eotf2010-5836179#commentsList: great explanation of complementary strengths of FLOSS & academe

Open source is NASA's next frontier -- Federal Computer Week: open source at NASA -- takes organizational, structural, cultural change -- no surprise

The Second Step: HOWTO encourage open source work at for-profits - Open Source Bridge attendee wiki 2010: one thing to add: themes of "you should be doing this anyway"

wrkng » The Board : easy-peasy "who's doing what" magnet-style board

Strange Loopiness: The first n things to do after installing an Ubuntu command-line system, where n is large: molly-guard and !tty_tickets are the most exciting discoveries to me

Murray’s Blog » Blog Archive » Openismus Wants More Trainees: German software development firm wants to hire, mentor women & minorities, train them to develop FLOSS

Open 311 | The White House: San Francisco, 311, API sharing, pushing far too many of my buttons

Answers and Questions » Blog Archive » Firefox, Safe From Plugin Crashes: yay, process separation to come to Firefox

http://lwn.net/Articles/374612/: nice roundup & commentary

Can I say this? — Swfblag: headdesk headdesk headdesk

Chrome support for Greasemonkey: your favorite greasemonkey script likely already runs in Chrome!

GNOME Revamps and Renews Outreach Program for Women : roundup of some GNOME outreach to women; comments are fail

http://scholarsarchive.library.oregonstate.edu/jspui/handle/1957/11355: Answering a newbie's question within 48 hours correlates strongly with them staying around & contributing

Why ask for an unskilled, not-yet-involved comaintainer?: Christine Spang requests entirely new contributors for some FLOSS maintainer mentee work, gets far more responses than expected

Mercurial « UCOSP: my old employer is sponsoring/leading some Mercurial development

Maia's Eclectic Ministry of Introspection :: The Zoo of Rampant Sexism : Maia Kozheva says: A Russian Linux site permits & approves horrendously sexist, demeaning, and objectifying comments, & the community at large doesn't notice because of language barrier

DebianNYC/Workshops/3 - Debian Wiki: Debian packaging for semi-beginners, NYC, 21 January 2010

Restart MythTV via Remote | www.baablogic.net: oh this might be nice

User:Jebba/NAT - maemo.org wiki: how to turn your N900 into a wifi hotspot

UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase - Ubuntu Wiki: submit Omni Animale Triste, 2 music videos?

http://blogs.fsfe.org/myriam/2010/01/in-an-ideal-world/: idea re creating deliberate dupes of poisonous bug reports

Women in Open Source – Q&A with Myself « Marina'z Blog: a roundup of benefits to women & to open source to getting more women involved, activities in FLOSS, barriers, TODOs

Bug List: Hey kids! Have a joyful time!


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