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Human Macroecology: Levy Walks in the Ocean: Very interesting.

The Programmers’ Stone » Neuroscience: I keep reading this (re dopamine) and every time it's got more neuroscience and less B-movie memetic-alien invasion

The Annotated MST: The Sinister Urge is a silly urge

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leverage_points: Perhaps I can leverage this to disintermediate, or some such crap

Category:Bookshelf - Gutenberg: Prototype classification system for Gutenberg texts

Characterizing people as non-linear, first-order components in software development - AC: It's people! It's people!

The Starfish and the Spider / Socialtext Open Source Wiki: This book looks worth checking out

One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers: Why are _you_ reading it?

Unix Review > Marcel's Linux App of the Month : kdissert: Worth trying out; not the simplest interface though

Invisible-web.net - Searchable databases and specialized search engines: too tired to think of something clever atm

Places to Intervene in a System by Donella H. Meadows - Software Development, Design, and Programming Articles: I'll... harm... you!

The definitive collection of idea generation methods: Actually includes "then, a miracle occurs" method.

freshmeat.net: Project details for dirfreak : Supdirfreak

Main Page - FreeMind - free mind mapping software: "Did FreeMind make you angry?"

Fridge - The GNU Virtual Fridge: There's an API here that is busted but interesting (never mind why I was searching for the GNU Virtual Fridge)

:: ConnectViaBooks.com ::: It's just a feeling, but I think I might be scared of other people who love the same books I do.

Gataga - Social bookmark search and exploration engine: social bookmark aggregator BUZZWORD OVERLOAD

Orange: And it gives you cell phone access too

http://www.hermetic.com/bey/taz3.html: I wish there were some way to automatically filter out the obfuscation from a piece of writing.

tasktoy: Give this a try or something like it

HTML REDIRECT: Maybe I should show this to mom

http://craphound.com/etech2005-lifehacks.txt: They (are) live!

Thiamin Trek Weblog Archives: General/GettingThingsDone: Just pick something already

Still Cool Archive - Cool Site of the Day : A treasure trove of links! That don't work!

Cornell Note Taking System for Seminars and Conferences: Just posting it because otherwise I'll forget it

The Recommendation Engine: More algorithms

Publications Related to Data Mining: recommendation engine algorithms

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature: Goes along with that other list

Onne Gorter - Home/projects/dbfs/ : peter says this is a braincoat

Dragos-Anton Manolescu--PhD thesis: Read this eventually (yeah right)

sacha chua :: wiki :: Planner Mode: Look into this

In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood: Great stories of frailty, folly, snafu, class, etc.

Handbook of Federal Librarianship Introduction: Huge list of govt. libraries

Dynamic ontologies: how to build agents that can change their mind: Oh, it would be fun to attack such a system.

SourceForge.net: Project Info - Woody: Could be someone's One True App, but probably not mine.

http://www.gpc.edu/clalib/handouts_new/marc_format.pdf: Library of Congress tags

http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/deck.txt: The Unrefactoring

text-mining.org: Why is a site about text mining so poorly organized? To provide you with motivation?

http://research.nitle.org/etcon/slide0001.htm: inc. Latent Semantic Indexing

Haystack Home: A spirited effort, for sure

Life Hacks - pre-Alpha: I see you, Danny!

bitoogle :: the bit torrent file search engine (bittorrent): Is it just a little file extension shell, or is it more?

NewsForge | Wrangle digital photos with imgSeek: is this actually useful, or is it just crap?

Palmer's JAMES BURKE Fan Companion: Inaugurating the 'justmightwork' category

text-mining.org: Build your own knowbot

The Thinking Behind Boswell: Contender for the throne

http://plg.uwaterloo.ca/~gvcormac/spamcormack.html: spam filter smackdown

Unmaintained Free Software -- Index: Like Freshmeat, only it only has the projects you don't want to see.


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