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vito_excalibur | thinking out loud: "I play best in stolen amounts of time from required interactions, in imitation and opposition."

Kung Fu Monkey: LEVERAGE #311 "The Rashomon Job" Question Post: in which I get weirdly intellectually schmoopy about "Leverage"'s "The Rashomon Job"

http://www.flyingghoti.net/blogs/personal/comment.php?comment=56849&disp=full: an aphorism/insight/inspiration that's helped me a lot

Dr. Rivka - Life and Death Situations: "My job, when I meet a suicidal person, is uncomplicated. It is my job to stand with the part of the person that wants to live.....Why is it that there is literally no disaster, no tragedy, no collection of problems so severe that our society argues that a person ought to be allowed to die rather than suffer them – EXCEPT for physical degeneration?"

Yatima » Blog Archive » a chimpanzee manifesto: You knew I'd bookmark this. Status play, compromise, imagining the possible, the endless joyous struggle.

http://idlewords.com/2010/03/scott_and_scurvy.htm: via resiak -- on scurvy, how hard science is, and the forward-and-back cycle of knowledge

Damien Katz: Thoughts on an Open Source Company: I'm especially curious about how the anti-manager bias and the allergy to performance/productivity criteria will end up working

Redefining Property: Lessons from American History | QuestionCopyright.org: points reader to http://www.gutenberg.org/files/28148/28148-h/28148-h.htm - proslavery arguments

Anacrusis › Senji: “You’re beginning an argument that leads into a distrust of all information from your senses,” says Senji.

[M]etabrain [E]ntry [L]og » Blog Archive » The Invisible Traceback: "blockers that make potential contributors drop out (and how to fix them)" looking forward to the transcript

Online papers on consciousness: OK, probably never gonna read these, but thanks for aggregating them!

The strange nakedness of Mark Sanford | Salon : captures some of my feelings about the guy

Tom the Dancing Bug | Salon Comics: you can sing "brain in a beaker" to the tune of "smoke on the water"

Lorem Ipsum: Not taking offense when offered: "if I hear your culture-specific insult of me, but I don't feel insulted, am I disrespecting your culture?"

http://www.boingboing.net/2008/12/04/studying-the-emotion.html: I have been lucky enough to enjoy admiration, awe, and elevation several times in my adulthood. Connected to Bolt-Taylor's right-brained thinking?

Real Live Preacher: Useful perspective

Swampland - TIME.com » Blog Archive The Full Obama Interview «: He just came up with "lurch from crisis to trance" off the cuff, what beautiful phrasing. Kevin Guilfoile is right about Bartletry.

Help Wanted -- We're Launching the Ghost Works Survey | QuestionCopyright.org: What works did you consider making but discard due to copyright worries?

The Competitive Spectrum Pattern - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library: Haphazardly adding point systems to communities can cause schisms & heartbreak

Downhill Battle Labs: Looking for an open source project to join to hone your skills? Could do worse than a Downhill Battle app

What’s so great about the family anyway? — Crooked Timber: What are the goods a family makes? Also in the comments a really civilized "how does that data work?" argument!

OSCON Keynote :: Revealing Errors: to watch: Mako Hill's 16-minute presentation on what errors (in software) reveal

You can't argue with a Zombie -- Jaron Lanier: delicious it, get rid of it

Crooked Timber » » Why Did The Fathers of the American Revolution Hate America?: Another reminder of why I read CT. Also I didn't do enough talking smack about the British on the 4th of July.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Swiss hold crunch citizenship vote: Need to examine my reflexes that say "citizenship should be given via law, not vote"

Majikthise : Real-life liar paradox may lead to criminal charges in Massachusetts: Leonard called as expert witness thanks to one philosophy paper he wrote in college

Overcoming Bias: Zombies: The Movie: Hilarious! "All right, buddy, let's see your qualia."

You are the river: An interview with Ken Wilber | Salon Life: Hmm, this just might not be total crap.

The Situationist International Text Library/The Society of the Spectacle : "Society of the Spectacle" to read free online

Antony Flew - Atheism - God - Books - Authors and Writers - New York Times: A reputation made at 27 and unmade, or remade, at 84; the dangers of senescence; dark currents in the community of discourse.

Software Programming and the Economics of Trust vs. Transactions > Trusted Advisor Associates > Trust Matters: Watch out for the assumptions and ideologies that value transactional efficiency instead of building relationships or foundations for the long term

Buddhist Studies - Primary Level: Guided Meditations with Instruction.: to try

NOTES - UCLA 81st FACULTY RESEARCH LECTURE SERIES: What was Judea Pearl talking about when I had just started attending UCLA?

Ed Batista: Debord, Stewart, Colbert: Is DeBord on that giant mantelpiece under the recursive painting?

Salon.com | The truthiness hurts: I'm not the first to think about Colbert as a Situationist

Log -- David Chess: "Sentient beings are numberless, I vow to save them all."

Nick Bostrom's home page: Includes the Meta-Newcomb problem

NARA | The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription: Let's teach the US Declaration of Independence in English/Lit class, not just History. The brilliance of "let Facts be submitted to a candid world."

GCU Dancer on the Midway - Your pragma ran over my dogma: Strong skeptics just don't grok people who are fine with irrational rituals

Vitanuova for 2002 June 26: On the danger of loving institutions -- cf.The Wire

Muslims’ Veils Test Limits of Britain’s Tolerance - New York Times: I'm leery and conflicted about various veils, but that bit near the end where she feels empowered because men want to see her and can't - that I like

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illusion_of_control: No, statistics, it's my ILLUSION! Also, meditations on perceptions of self-efficacy, depression, and the Bush Administration. Not Buddhism, which might belong.

blog.pmarca.com: How to hire the best people you've ever worked with: Marc Andreessen and Paul Graham believe that startups shouldn't bother hiring people who care about anything but career

[M]etabrain[E]ntry[L]og: Olin students are slackers.: Like the person said about MIT teaching "a kind of fearlessness" -- is Olin next?

http://tieguy.org/blog/2007/05/29/discuss-amongst-yourselves/#comment-21829: connecting Grice with perceptions of arrogance and the tact filter

Revenge of the Zombies: This came up in conversation with Sumana. Always worth reading!

http://www.mikedaisey.com/2007/05/blackberry.sht: "Life is short, the art long, opportunity fleeting, experiment treacherous, judgment difficult."

MacLeans Canada - Blogs | Jaime J. Weinman: TV Guidance: extremely concise connection-making and articulation of The Problem Of Insiderness

Dialetheism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy): I don't remember learning this term for it.

Adventures in Philosophy: A Brief History of Recent Philosophy: Not sure what's going on here

Summa Technologiae: Partially translated!

God Is the Machine - By Kevin Kelly: I'll Whole Earth hippy crap you!

A Non-Philosopher's Guide to Philosophical Terms: GE Moore, bringing you "30 Rocks I Counted Myself"

Philosophical Health Check: Leonard should lurve preening over this. Leonard says: I did.

From "Philosophy Before Socrates": But they were not in the position of nineteenth-century aSouth Sea islanders confronted by just one prestigious civilization with its ancient and well-established religion. They faced two such civilizations, the Egyptian and the Mesopotamian, each with its own pantheon, mythology, and views on the origin on the world. In this unusual if not historically unique situation, it is understandable that afew highly intelligent and reflective people should have come to question their own religious tradition and the others as well, inventing and developing ways of examining beliefs for their plausibility and intelligibility.

V83.0010 Central Problems in Philosophy: Pretty compelling

http://www.gutenberg.org/files/17490/17490-h/17490-h.htm\: Hey, remember when Socrates got totally stoned?

Popper and After: Four Modern Irrationalists: Not sure what I thought of this when i first posted it, or for that matter what I think of it now

The New Yorker: The Critics: Books: okay, *now* i get it

Harry Frankfurt's "On Bullshit": sure, why not

Squashed Philosophers- Condensed Plato Aristotle Augustine Descartes Hume Marx Freud Copernicus Hobbes Sartre Ayer Sade Wittgenstein Einstein: nice use of multiple levels of summary

Classics of Western Philosophy: full-text links

Handouts and Lecture Notes: Summaries of theories of knowledge


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