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http://research.microsoft.com/apps/tools/tuva/index.html: Silverbite me.

Cogita Tute - Think For Yourself: Wave nature of light demonstrated by hand: Can't get it to work DAMMIT

Galileo and Einstein: Lecture Index: "How practical are Babylonian weights and measures?"

http://www.stanford.edu/%7Ealinde/BubbleUniverse3.jpg: Where the Google colors come from. (See also: rest of guy's site)

SpinCalc: I can't imagine anyone living without this

[quant-ph/0604079] The Free Will Theorem: I don't understand the physics, but even less do I understand what this is saying. It looks like a reductio against free will, but then it accepts the seemingly absurd proposition rather than discard free will.

Real Time Relativity: Real time with respect to what?

R. Buckminster Fuller Digital Collection: Welcome : Even more epic than previous entry

EIK 00: Epic Buckminster Fuller lecture

Imagining the Tenth Dimension - A Book by Rob Bryanton: People I trust keep linking to this but I need to remember to look at it on the Mac

MAKE: Blog: Richard Feynman Video: More Feynman, stolen from the safes of history

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Particles: I know I'm all the time asking 'em

The pleasure of finding things out - RP Feynman - Google Video: Watch this and love us again!

The pleasure of finding things out - RP Feynman - Google Video: Aah, I'm insane

FAQ: "Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere": How to build a Geiger counter

Information in Games and Decision-Making: I have wondered the same thing, but without knowing the first thing about what the hell I'm talking about

Index of /~bnc/feynman: Cue Leonard/Kris Feynman impersonation: "Yeah this is Dick Feynman! What's it to you?"


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