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Wendell Berry | "The Country Of Marriage" | poetry archive | plagiarist.com: Seriously, plagiarist.com?

Wendell Berry - The Mad Farmer Liberation Front: "Say that your main crop is the forest/that you did not plant,/that you will not live to harvest."

A Random Assortment of Thoughts - All of the Continents Used to Be One Body: great poem

Thursday Short Poem: Piercy’s “To Be Of Use” at Hugo Schwyzer: like the last stanza.

Gee, You're So Beautiful That It's Starting To Rain by Richard Brautigan at Old Poetry : My favorite Brautigan poem so far. (Most of them are not very good.)

The Poems of Jonathan Swift, D.D., Volume 1 by Jonathan Swift - Project Gutenberg: Includes "On Poetry". When letters are in vulgar shapes/'Tis ten to one the wit escapes/But, when in capitals express'd/The dullest reader smokes the jest


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