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The Third Bit » A Week of Retroactive Accountability: the comfort we get from the evidence of others

Forget What Did: Hold the snide.: and now, a message from Robert Louis Stevenson

Bible verses from The Life of the World to Come « Against Acedia: THANK YOU

vito_excalibur | thinking out loud: "I play best in stolen amounts of time from required interactions, in imitation and opposition."

Fragments of Evolving Manhood: The Violence In Me 1 | Alas, a blog: heartwarming depiction of a loving relationship in the end-middle

marnanel | Song against Twitter: lovely

On fathers and daughters and illusions and strength: "... It is full of wonders, even though they are illusory, sometimes because of that...." one of many awesome sentences from this thoughtful essay

Dr. Rivka - Life and Death Situations: "My job, when I meet a suicidal person, is uncomplicated. It is my job to stand with the part of the person that wants to live.....Why is it that there is literally no disaster, no tragedy, no collection of problems so severe that our society argues that a person ought to be allowed to die rather than suffer them – EXCEPT for physical degeneration?"

Yatima » Blog Archive » a chimpanzee manifesto: You knew I'd bookmark this. Status play, compromise, imagining the possible, the endless joyous struggle.

http://soundcloud.com/gvsunme/zinc-1: Zoe Keating's great "In C" from that one Radiolab

TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect: via Real Adult Sex. Personal excellence talks louder than bigotry, given a big juicy opportunity.

Civil Service — Crooked Timber: a reminder of the awesome Bunnatine Greenhouse

http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/03/12/the_history_of_the_honey_trap: poor Mata Hari! (her last name had always made me think she was Indian)

http://idlewords.com/2010/03/scott_and_scurvy.htm: via resiak -- on scurvy, how hard science is, and the forward-and-back cycle of knowledge

Tor.com / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Michael Whelan, an appreciation: "I read that book in one day. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever tried reading before. (I had never been introduced to fantasy novels.)... I remember a severe bout of disappointment upon finishing the book because I thought surely there couldn’t be anything else like it in the entire world."

For The Community (Long) - Personal - The Atlantic: for the interaction designers in the room. Communities sneak up on you, and they care about convenience and branding

Mac & Cheese & other lovely memories: memories of wonder, mastery, calm...

http://www.tor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=blog&id=9247: Yay Mountain Goats fannishness

Everyone matters.: Get out there & tell your story.

how many roads? « style over substance: "Tomorrow I will go to the church and the library. And something else will happen, the day after that."

Susan Senator: Susan's Blog: Given You Children, Milked the Cow: aww

http://chrisglass.com/journal/images/2006/0820-make-it-work-shirt.gif: anthemic

The strange nakedness of Mark Sanford | Salon : captures some of my feelings about the guy

Robotic Tendencies » On contributing to Gaim…: what not to do as a FLOSS maintainer

Calvin & Hobbes fanfic (Teen Susie & Calvin slash): via vito_excalibur, and SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. Moving and sexy and aching.

Scattershot, Desperate, and Sleazy | n+1: on craiglist you speak desire; on nerve you say who you are

pfenixwings: Let me be really clear.: interesting articulation: "I have this marvelous experience, this huge beautiful easy experience... and then I have to find a way to integrate its memory and its absence in my life, hopefully without falling into my patterns of disengagement and stoicism."

Terra Prime (episode) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki: archer's speech

Silence and the Word - Mohanraj: Such a good piece

mumbling_sage: Hurt, Angry, and Afraid: ten years younger

YouTube - Joss Whedon singing DVD commentary to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Alternate lyrics!

http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/09/04/20/What-Makes-the-United-States-Special/: jesus yes

Future Me: the war in Iraq: dark

FutureMe.org: Gudday from a younger you: I like how he refers to past & future selves together as "us"

FutureMe.org: and don't gain those 90 pounds back either: Last Christmas

yatima: fell off: "...feeling the years and years of riding behind me - the teenage bolting around like a lunatic and learning how to land on my feet, the years in my twenties.... As if those years weren't wasted after all; as if all is not lost." see: me & customer service

Forever's Not So Long: unexpectedly touching and memorable

Waiter Rant » Blog Archive » Fear and Loneliness in Las Vegas: the emotional intelligence to self-interrogate after strong or inappropriate feelings or behavior

The importance of stupidity in scientific research -- Schwartz 121 (11): 1771 -- Journal of Cell Science: Do would-be scientists get hung up more on envying their peers' skills/knowledge, or on the massive pile of ignorance we all share?

signs of [crazy]: an asl interpretation - Truveo Video Search: tremendous, artful, "but is it fair use?" via von Lohmann

http://www.ftrain.com/baltimore_conversion.html: in 2003 this piece moved me to tears and fanmail

Saturday's walk: while listening to Moxy Fruvous's "you can't be too careful."

Susan Senator: Susan's Blog: Suffering From Dimension: on liminality, going through an experience and making it 3D

YouTube - The "Oasis" Music Video - From "Who Killed Amanda Palmer": So this is what the Dresden Dolls frontwoman is up to now. What a song.

Palonis, Estelle V. English (ca 8-45) [13 l.] [re language problems]: "Particularly in the Social Sciences, it was difficult to counteract the obvious fact that we had not abided by the rules of the game in our treatment of the Nisei."

xkcd - A Webcomic - 11th Grade: PAINFULLY true? including the title tag?! I comfort myself with knowing that I actually did learn a fair amount in the social and hard sciences that formed a foundation for later importance

http://www.boingboing.net/2008/12/04/studying-the-emotion.html: I have been lucky enough to enjoy admiration, awe, and elevation several times in my adulthood. Connected to Bolt-Taylor's right-brained thinking?

http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/A_Tryst_with_Destiny: worth considering: what is the Indian idea, akin to the American idea?

http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Keep_Moving_From_This_Mountain: MLK, Kerala, and untouchables

Real Live Preacher: Useful perspective

http://www.timwu.org/log/archives/313: how many of the things you do are, in fact, exactly this category?

Real Live Preacher: audience and voice

http://www.mikedaisey.com/2008/10/opening-day.sht: life and art

Muslim McCain Fans Confront Intolerance At Rally | American News Project: Makes me glad that the Republican Party has at least a little diversity to help moderate the worst elements...

http://www.sunpig.com/martin/archives/2008/08/03/1-year-on.html: it pays to recognize when you're at a local maximum, and JUMP

Immigrants, natives need to keep discovering America | Oakland Tribune | Find Articles at BNET: Not bad, and apropos for election time

DonorsChoose.org: Help Keep the School Newspaper in Print: Leonard, can we give?

Cleaty: War, What Is It Good For?: The war comes home

Donald F.B. Jameson; Handled Russian Defectors for CIA - washingtonpost.com: "Just put down Golitsin, it might be right" - Russian history prof Reginald Zelnik

~stevenf: Aerophobe: Archived copy of Steven Frank on overcoming phobia

Real Live Preacher: This is WHY I made the poignant tag

twelve.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting: love the face in the last panel

Making Light: Gnomic Verses: check out der Plotkin

Your Own True Self (video) - Boing Boing : To watch

Last Plane to Jakarta | Thirty Short Poems About My Favorite Black Metal Band: the value of cherishing

Fafblog! the whole world's only source for Fafblog.: ouch.

Tuition paid for valedictorian in legal limbo: "Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is"

http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2008/07/the-balcony-is-closed.html: awww. And he links to that outtakes video! Check the comments; thousands of people learned about movies and intelligent argument from their show

The challenge is in the bones | Oakland Tribune | Find Articles at BNET: ARGH that second paragraph. Count the SAT words. And I need to check on that copyright data...

Five Whys » Blog Archive » DIY Project - Bed Pocket: test

Rick Veitch » Army@Love: Art Of War #2: punch in the gut

Loving Day: Celebrate the Legalization of Interracial Couples: Need to check out for more AWWW stories

How Angel of Sichuan Saved School in Quake - NYTimes.com: “If I knew there was a hidden danger, and I didn’t do anything about it, then I would be the one responsible,” he said.

Real Live Preacher: "Words are rusty, jagged, pig-iron tongs fumbling for purchase in the liquid silk of her soul."

We're haunted by an abortion from 10 years ago - Salon.com: one of the good Cary Tennises from years back

This American Life : the TAL I love about what kids wrongly believe and then take into adulthood

This should scare me more than it does. « By Erin Ptah: Erin Ptah, amazing author, tries to decrypt her own repressed memories.

Brutal Women: Bowling, Beer, & Brutal Women: "Now I have no idea what I want or who I am, because all I want to do is swill whiskey and fuck the night away and chain smoke and get on a plane to Marrakech... and then I realize I already did that, and it brought me here. "

Luminous Prose: glad Frances read it, and I hel_ed, before she died

Wax Banks: The magic of the silver screen, holiday edition.: Awwww! Thanks! I like you too, readers!

Miracles - 10 Zen Monkeys: Self-promote, steal ideas, don't lie, hate enemies but love rivals, and do less.

reddit.com: Reddit: Even though we don't get along all the time... Merry Christmas. May your day be what you hope it to be and drink one for your friends here.: aww

A Softer World: 238: another canonical ASW

A Softer World: 251: one of the canonical ASWs?

Ancrene Wisse - The Singularity: via:yatima. The unimaginable.

Unshelved comic strip archive : "if you wait long enough, you always see the beginning of the end"

Discworld News PJSM Prints: Curse curse curse, Pratchett has -ing Alzheimer's. At least it's been caught early and they can medicate.

Publish and Perish - Avi Klein: LaRouche & blogging -- match made in heaven & prevented on this foul earth

Unshelved comic strip archive : Did my dad call my mind and temper childish or childlike?

Long Now: Views: Essays: FINALLY I grok Feynman adoration! His autobiographies only repelled me. "The act of discovery was not complete for him until he had taught it to someone else."

reseda_ptah: Fake News: Five Times Jon Terrified Stephen (5): "He's fragile and plagued by self-doubt. He always tries to do his best." I'd missed those.

reddit.com: mexicodoug & atomicthumbs: An attempt at a joke that goes wrong, but leads to connecting anew

Still, Pissed At The National Gallery -- Daddy Types: What kind of terrible docent tells kids that authority figures decide what's art and you just have to deal with it? Gah!

Antony Flew - Atheism - God - Books - Authors and Writers - New York Times: A reputation made at 27 and unmade, or remade, at 84; the dangers of senescence; dark currents in the community of discourse.

"Nothing Better" by tyler page : I love this chapter

Lorem Ipsum: Y: First issue free online: new excuse to foist it on lots of people

Husband head in wife’s hand - The Telegraph: terrible story about the costs of making your family migrate

Jobs Abroad Support 'Model' State in India - New York Times: terrible story about the costs of not letting your family migrate

Buddhist Studies - Primary Level: Guided Meditations with Instruction.: to try

Day 4: Lillian [dive into mark]: OK, this makes me sniffle and want to improve the accessibility of my blog

Brutal Women: Day By Day: Maybe ambition - for some - starts not in childhood dreams, but in fear of death and in joyfully filling the days left

Bitch Ph.D.: Pseudonymous Kid notices women's magazines: THANK GOD some parents are talking to their kids about the beauty industry.

CMU professor gives his last lesson on life: via reddit

Wockner: Republican San Diego mayor embraces same-sex marriage, says daughter is a lesbian: you can see in the video that he's choking back tears

Matthew Yglesias (May 21, 2007) - The Ultimate Nineties Alt-Rock Playlist (Culture) : Hey, friends of mine with 90-gig music collections. Let's do this.

Po Bronson on Silicon Valley Headhunters: "..search my name on Nexis, and you'll turn up nothing. Did I ever get credit? It's unethical." I reminded him that I couldn't search his name on Nexis because he wouldn't tell me his name.

"Impossible Dreams": This year's Hugo winner made me cry

The world is too much with us: Taste of Anacrusis. I wish Mel had kept this up.

Man Who Thought He Was On Date Actually Just At Work-Related Get-Together | The Onion - America's Finest News Source: One of the more touching, sympathy-inducing Area Man articles

Vitanuova for 2002 June 26: On the danger of loving institutions -- cf.The Wire

http://mutales.livejournal.com/7052.html: NSFW. "It requires intelligence to have sex for any reason other than joy... or even worse, without joy." Ouch.

Play chess in the voice God gave you (MemeMachineGo!): Once you grok how far you have to go, what do you do?

US attorney Stanley Alpert on how he survived after being kidnapped at gunpoint | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited: Oh Lord that's scary. I hope I never look like an easy, lucrative catch for kidnappers.

Mister Rogers might've even been a nicer person than you thought (reddit.com) : Mr. Rogers makes Redditors (and me) cry at work!

The Strokes - You Only Live Once Video - The Strokes Videos on IMEEM: via Daring Fireball. This is, belatedly, the epic for which "Last Transmission From Starbase XY003" is the parody. Awesome.

Crooked Timber » » Sue Gerhardt on Why Love Matters (Daycare Revisited): Reminding me about the hard choices ahead re: parenting and career

"Nothing Better" by tyler page : closely observed, lovely in-progress graphic novel (some NSFW)

davidbau.com: Haaarg, world!: More peer pressure from hacker dads

Student, 18, is death investigator | IndyStar.com : Good job, Amanda Barnett! Youngest coroner in IN history. CSI : forensics :: Star Trek : engineering?

Matthew Yglesias: impetus for change in my life and reduction in insecurities: do I really want to be like THOSE people?

http://www.mikedaisey.com/2007/05/blackberry.sht: "Life is short, the art long, opportunity fleeting, experiment treacherous, judgment difficult."

:: rogerebert.com :: Commentary :: A bouquet arrives... (xhtml): Rob Schneider makes a touching gesture! Restores my faith in humanity!

Wondermark by David Malki ! - 285: In which Everyone is a Failure: akin to the Dino Comix near our door

~stevenf: Aerophobe: "If it's affecting your life, if it's preventing you from doing things you would otherwise do, get help. Seriously. Realize that it's bigger than you, or you'd have gotten over it by now."

User interface and user education: the significance of literacy and comp literacy; "our inability to articulate the standards for these judgments... was no evidence that the judgments were impossible"

Letters: Help! I'm avoiding and hiding again! - Salon: just because you succeed doesn't mean you are your parents

slacktivist: All you need is: Western Civ's advice for Leonard and me as our marriage approaches the 1-year mark

Bread and Circuits » Blog Archive » Open Source, pre-1945: "I was finally able to tell [my grandmother] what I do: I take things that were never meant to go together and work with them until they fit, patiently refusing to give up...."

Pearls Before Breakfast - washingtonpost.com: How many world-class musicians do we just pass by in the subway? Joshua Bell and Gene Weingarten find out.

Everything Good is Bad For You (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought): How can it be that Aaron Swartz has written something that I 85% agree with?!?

Date in jail for drugging beer / Quick-thinking S.F. pair nail man slipping his companion a mickey: The sad/hilarious bit is where the guy tries it *twice*

Roger Federer as Religious Experience - Tennis - New York Times: via Eric; includes 3 pages of footnotes

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story - Google Video: EFF NYC meetup once featured this vid

Coach Fitz's Management Theory: Michael Lewis on his high school baseball coach, who taught him gumption

YouTube - OK Go - Here It Goes Again Granbury High School: Sumana says: I actually cried with happiness at seeing this. It's PERFECT. Via The Morning News.

Shark Tank: Which part of "don't worry" isn't clear? - Computerworld Blogs: liferay, anyone?

defective yeti: Plugapalooza: Cringe: SO TRUE that we just want someone to pay attention

Crooked Timber » » Living With Darwin by Philip Kitcher: Dawkins/Time Lord joke, plus religion is a crutch but we're all cripples

Smithsonian Oral and Video Histories: Steve Jobs: apple is dead or will be soon, says Jobs in 1995

Mixing Memory: Gender, Math, Stereotype Threat, and Testosterone: one result: if you think you'll do badly because of stereotype activation, you're more likely to handicap yourself via procrastination, etc.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back_and_to_the_left: Also, a Defective Yeti post from years ago

best of craigslist : To the black sheep, the outcasts, the lonely...: in case you're feeling hopeless

From Head Scarf to Army Cap, Making a New Life - New York Times: You pass amazingly strong people in the street every day and never know it

“Every once in a while, take your left foot and bring it behind your right one”: How Hugo learned to dance at Hugo Schwyzer: Dominic and the girl in the grey sweater

A 'Beautiful Day' in a Republican Town - New York Times: A single day for a single volunteer, with an election and a birthday cake.


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