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Web Illiteracy: How Much Is Your Fault? : Gus tells it like it is

Edge 314: missiology, science-based field research, and jihad

pfenixwings: Let me be really clear.: interesting articulation: "I have this marvelous experience, this huge beautiful easy experience... and then I have to find a way to integrate its memory and its absence in my life, hopefully without falling into my patterns of disengagement and stoicism."

pfenixwings: The streamers of my heart...: great phrase: "rubbing smooth my memories of what we'd already done"

http://clarkbw.net/blog/2009/05/14/negotiate-with-your-users/: via danny

FutureMe.org: and don't gain those 90 pounds back either: Last Christmas

yatima: fell off: "...feeling the years and years of riding behind me - the teenage bolting around like a lunatic and learning how to land on my feet, the years in my twenties.... As if those years weren't wasted after all; as if all is not lost." see: me & customer service

Waiter Rant » Blog Archive » Fear and Loneliness in Las Vegas: the emotional intelligence to self-interrogate after strong or inappropriate feelings or behavior

The Competitive Spectrum Pattern - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library: Haphazardly adding point systems to communities can cause schisms & heartbreak

Real Live Preacher: "Words are rusty, jagged, pig-iron tongs fumbling for purchase in the liquid silk of her soul."

This should scare me more than it does. « By Erin Ptah: Erin Ptah, amazing author, tries to decrypt her own repressed memories.

Habemus Dialogum - We Have a Dialog : Things Blog : Cultured Code: Could it be that "this event is repeating" dialog boxes are a solved problem?

Talking Back to Prozac - The New York Review of Books: The Morning News tells me to read it

Science of Magic - New York Times: Teller talks, and great qualia/Vegas jokes


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