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Scholarly Publishing Guides | Public Knowledge Project: Thinking of starting a magazine or journal? some HOWTOs

Lightning Source : POD company. Kind of hoping I'll never need this again, but I probably will.

If You Build This, Magazines Will Come | K. Tempest Bradford: manybooks.net should hook up with this

epub-tools - Project Hosting on Google Code: epub-tools is a project aimed at software developers who need reusable toolkits to produce ePub files from various formats. This project includes Python libraries that convert from the DocBook and TEI XML formats and epubjs, a lightweight pure Javascript ePub reader

Indie Author: Lulu vs. CreateSpace: Which Is More Economical For The DIY Author?: thoughts on lulu vs createspace as pod options

Derek Powazek - How to Publish a Magazine in a Day and a Half: brother!

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine: home: These people have a pretty hands-on approach to publishing


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