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http://www.huyng.com/posts/python-performance-analysis/: Includes memory

Pygcurse - Curses Emulator for Pygame: Windows-compatible Python curses library.

http://docs.python-requests.org/en/latest/index.html: Try next time instead of httplib2

http://packages.python.org/pyquery/: A good DSL

Curveship: Interactive Fiction + Interactive Narrating: Hmm, I just want to write interactive fiction in Python without this particular kind of narrative weirdness.

http://blogmaker.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/release/README.html: If I'm thinking about redoing NB I should look at the alternatives

Ian Bicking: a blog :: lxml: an underappreciated web scraping library: I agree with a lot of this.

» Auto-creating MySql and Postgresql Databases with Powerful Python Tools - DevChix - Blog Archive : by gloriajw

The Sgmlop Parser/Tokenizer: Swap in for sgmllib?

American Scientist Online - Where's the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing? : Computational illiteracy. Even some developers don't use version control (shiver). The marginal benefit of a single lesson in best practices is huge.

The Object HTTP Mapper: Ian Bicking Presents

mnot: Python HTTP APIs: Use at your own risk

The Python Sound Project: Actually about generated music, not 'sound' per se

ASPN : Python Cookbook : ProtectUTF8: An excellent idea

About Us: I just realized I walked right past this store a couple weeks ago and didn't notice!

BBS Ads Collection v1.0: Now this is nostalgia!

trunk/doc/conch/examples: Insults (Twisted Curses)

http://gnosis.cx/TPiP/chap4.txt: Peel it!

ONLamp.com: Testing Web Apps Effectively with twill: Tiny Beautiful Soup mention

python-constraint: Constrained to post this

AIMA Python Code: Part of AI book

TextTools - Fast Text Manipulation Tools for Python: mx strikes again

Orange: And it gives you cell phone access too

PyDSH: The Python Distributed Shell: Peter hodgson might like this

WSGI Explorations with Python: Nice summary, this guy should write professionally (he kind of does, for Linux Gazette)

mod_python, best practices: love/hate relationship w/mod_python

SourceForge.net: Project Info - Python RRDTool module: Some call it the gangster of love.

Twisted Documentation: Twisted Mail Tutorial: Building an SMTP Client from Scratch : double whammy for my chapter

Beautiful Soup: We called him Tortoise because he taught us.: It's back with version 2.0. Just making sure the NB->delicious code still works.

FormEncode/Validator: Oh, don't be modest, Ian

Happy Hooking: PyConDC 2005: Actually very similar to what Inform provides

uploadr.py: Nice starter script. I guess I should use flickr instead of my own, abandoned photo directory

moshez: Stories From a Conference: PyCon after-action report. "People were... banging each other for no good reason." I sure picked the wrong year to skip PyCon!

http://www.rogerbinns.com/isbg/isbg.py: Useful reference program for doing imap with Python. Also seems useful for its intended purpose.

PyGE Home Page: you get a free ride for combining two things i like

ReportLab - Open Source Software: Works really well once you figure it out

Wiley::Beginning Python : whee!

myelin: urlstemmer: Thanks a lot

Subway: frantic filing

ZSI: The Zolera Soap Infrastructure: For maximum confusability, I deem it "Zoap"

pymorph Morphology Toolbox V0.8 01Aug03: now no one can stop me from grading potato quality!

dAlchemy | End to End Unicode Web Applications in Python: Thank goodness

Text Processing in Python (a book): as long as i'm cleaning out my old bookmarks

http://www.python.org/workshops/1995-05/onetime: "Produce a one-time password response to a random-number challenge, with respect to a secret, shared DES encryption key."

Debian GNU/Linux -- python2.4-pycurl: just great

Urwid - curses-based User Interface Library for Python: *almost* "unwind"

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Spreadsheet: I like the sound of "The sleeper feature of Py2.4" (and this is a good demonstratino of the power of python)

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Find the most frequent elements: true and tested travesty

HTML entity fixer - Peterbe.com (Peter Bengtsson on Python, Zope, Kung Fu, MMS, London and photos): Another such

ONLamp.com: A Primer on Python Metaclass Programming: it can't be that hard

zephyrfalcon.org :: Efectos Especiales: I love messing w/the call stack

gthumy: Static HTML Slide Show: Looks like just what I need. "2. I like python programming."

Thiamin Trek Weblog Archives: General/GettingThingsDone: Just pick something already

SecuriTeam.com ™ (HTMLer - An Automated Broken HTML Generator (Mangleme Python Port)): The perfect companion to Beautiful Soup

Proposal Submissions: submit!

ASPN : Python Cookbook : A basic undo mechanism: Pretty clever

Python Web Modules: See how good this is

Python Quotations, page 1 of 10: Going way back

Base conversion method or module : This is genius. Python's int method takes a second argument which is the base of the string to be converted into an int

http://serialized.net/pyclouds.py: Never thought that in my lifetime I'd see anything I understood that had an item to "fix the plasma generator"

Pythonology Python Success Stories: We need to do this for everything

Python Packages Index: PyRobots 0.5: daaaaaaahm!

ASPN : Python Cookbook : simple example to show off itertools.tee: Rocks like a sly fox

ASPN : Python Cookbook : SQL-like ORDER BY function for lists: cunning

Jon's Python modules: Very nice

XML.com: An Atom-Powered Wiki: oh yeah, that meta tag

PEP 333 -- Python Web Server Gateway Interface v1.0: Wave of the future

hackdiary: del.icio.us experiments: I'm a day late and a dollar short

Call For Grant Proposals: Surely I can think of something

HigherLevelDatabaseProgramming - PythonInfo Wiki: Take your pick

Documentation [Universal Feed Parser]: Docs complete to the point where you wish they were slightly incomplete, like Royce Hall

http://pyre.third-bit.com/pywebblog/archives/000075.html: This guy's learning Quixote. Learn from him,

Twisted Documentation: Programming a video game: termios lode runner

[Flickr APIs] Python FlickrClient : Now in Python flavor

PythonCard Home Page: It sounds like this is really coming together

mechanize: Nice, close to SF

[Web-SIG] The rewritten WSGI pre-PEP : All hail

ASPN : Python Cookbook : foreach.py - Execute a python function for a selected set of files.: Nice puzzle piece

PLEAC-Python : Vade mecum

XML.com: Proper XML Output in Python: Solve that unicode problem once and for all

18.6. Object-oriented design patterns: Very nice, simple

Python Grimoire: Much better than the default python tutorial

http://codespeak.net/svn/user/hpk/talks/std-talk.txt: Very nice sounding

Need To Know 2004-08-06: "Pythonistas are peaceful, have-their-glasses-on-a-little-string types, like hobbits or the Dutch." -- great line from today's NTK

Need To Know : "Pythonistas are peaceful, have-their-glasses-on-a-little-string types, like hobbits or the Dutch." -- great line from today's NTK

pMock: a mock object library for Python: The fools! They mocked me! With pMock!

Graphite : Graphing library for Python

ASPN : Python Cookbook : HTML Scraper: Another unsatisfied customer

Charming Python: Get started with the Natural Language Toolkit: David Mertz strikes again. Printed out but not read.

CodesDivers - Wiki Python Fr: vraiment divers

Henrik Levkowetz - 17 Jul 2004 - all: tell him about NewsBruiser (done)

12.12 base64 -- Encode and decode MIME base64 data: Why rot13 when you can base64?

http://svn.twistedmatrix.com/cvs/trunk/?root=Imagination: I'm jonesing for Python IF framework

cx_Freeze: Mr. Freeze. Self-containedness is good.

Planet Python: A planet where pythons evolved from men?

Mike's Weblog: Another satisfied customer

http://www.stuartbishop.net/Software/pytz: Maybe I can actually support timezones properly


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